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Family Tree - Winchcombes - Marriages

Here is a list of all marriages of people with the name Winchcombe contained within the offical BMD indices.
If you spot any problems with the data please contact me with details.

Sept 1837
    SARAH Windsor John OVER, Old Windsor 3 September
June 1838
    ISAAC Marlborough Ann JOHNSON [OgStA] 3 June
    DAVID Hungerford Harriet ELLIOT [Chilton F] 5 May
Sept 1838
    ANN Wantage ???m James Harper (see C41)
June 1839
    GEORGIANA Swansea see main table
    ANN Swansea see main table
Sept 1840
    HENRY Bristol m Gwenllian HOPKIN
Dec 1840
    ELIZABETH Swansea see main table
    MARTHA Hungerford see John/Amelia b Ramsbury 1814 (or next?)
June 1841
    JOHN Eton
    MARTHA Eton
Sept 1841
    JANE MARY Marlborough William JOHNSON [OgStA] 9 Aug
Dec 1841
    HANNAH Gloucester
Dec 1842
    THOMAS Highworth Jane HILLIAR [Wroughton] 5 Nov
Mar 1843
    SARAH Gloucester
Dec 1843
    GEORGE Marlborough Esther COOKE [OgStA] 4 Nov.
June 1844
    STEPHEN Shoreditch
Dec 1844
    ISAAC Marlborough Ann DOBSON of Keevil, Wilts [OgStG] 5 Oct
    THOMAS Hungerford Louisa JOHNSON [Ramsbury] 7 Nov
Mar 1845
    WILLIAM Wantage [?Childrey]
Sept 1845
    ROSE Highworth
Sept 1846
    GEORGE Eton Mary PENDREY, Staines.
June 1847
    THOMAS Swindon surely Thomas and Lucy of Liddington?
Dec 1848
    JOHN Hungerford Hogarth Harriet CARTER [Chilton F]
June 1849
    ELIZA Gloucester widow Winchcombe a 32 nee TERRETT? m William FIELD stonemason Upton StLeonards
Sept 1850
    HENRY St Martin’s Jane MAYNARD [StMiF,London] 30 Sept
Dec 1850
    GEORGE Wheatenchurch [Wm/Sarah 19, m Betsey WHITTLE 20 of Hardwicke = Wm, Lewis & Maurice ?& more]
June 1851
    ELIZABETH Cardiff see main table
Dec 1851
    SARAH & WILLIAM Thame ea other? or Wm m Jane
Sept 1852
    RACHEL Marlborough 7yo in OgStA C41, 16 in C51 niece of Geo/Esther.
Dec 1852
    GEORGE PHILLIMORE Swansea m Sarah [Swansea]
    MARTHA Lambeth
June 1854
    JOHN Thame Alice BUCKLE dtr of Richard 1 May Lewknor
Sept 1854
Dec 1854
    LUCY Alverstoke Joseph EASTMAN [Gosport] 5 Oct
    LUCY Wantage Richard GRAY or EVANS [Childrey] 4 Nov
    DAVID Hungerford Amelia TAYLOR [Chilton F] 18 Nov
Mar 1855
    HANNAH Highworth John OSMAN Chisledon 6 Jan
Sept 1855
    WALTER Marlborough Sarah Ann SAVAGE [Marlb’h] 28 Aug. drapers asst C51 High St Marlborough St Peter, b Ramsbury
Dec 1855
    ALFRED Hanley
Sept 1856
    WILLIAM Eton [perhaps Wm of Barbary,Wilts m Jane?]
Sept 1857
    JAMES ALPHEUS Oxford 3a785 Susannah BRADLEY ??24 April Caversham
    THOMAS Greenwich 1d 775
Dec 1857
    STEPHEN Brighton 2b
Dec 1858
    FANNY Abingdon 2c 614
Mar 1859
    WALLACE Wantage 2a
June 1859
    HENRY Lambeth 1d 449
    ANNIE Tewkesbury
Dec 1859
    RACHEL Wallingford 2c715 (Rachel HEARMON later DUCKETT)
    CHARLES Thame 3a679 ???brother of John who m Alice Buckle. (is this the Chas who m Esther who d Andover 1917?)
Mar 1860
    RACHEL Wallingford 2c423 see previous quarter
    THOMAS Tewkesbury 6c 561
Dec 1860
    MARTHA Highworth 5a Jas/Ann Chiseldon
June 1861
    HENRY [STEPHEN] Stepney 1c Annie KENNEDY, see Australia.
    GEORGE Sevenoaks 2a 603 Louisa DOLLEY 26 May Chelsfield (?!)
Sept 1861
    CHARLOTTE Hungerford John COLE [Ramsbury] 29 Aug [John/Amelia?]
Dec 1861
    SARAH Eton
June 1862
    THOMAS W London
Mar 1863
    ESTHER ANN Gloucester see dtr of Eliza, Hester in C51 Gloucs. OR OgStA!!
June 1863
    HESTER Portsea
Dec 1863
    JOHN Hungerford ?m Mary parents of David &c? [Ramsbury?]
Sept 1864
    FRANK Newbury First wife Sarah Ann
Dec 1864
    SARAH ANNE Hungerford
Dec 1865
    BENJAMIN Highworth of Hodson, Wilts m Ann [HADEN?] of Barbery (C71 Hodson Bottom)
    WALTER St Martin’s ???of Chelsfield, ??m Cinderella of Wye??
Dec 1866
    JESSE Highworth of Chiseldon m Harriet CHOULES of Chiseldon 24 Nov at Chiseldon (he d 1917)
June 1868
    GEORGE Hungerford Priscilla HOBBS [Chilton F] 13 June soldier. C81 Tilehurst Barracks. chelsea pensioner.
    WALLACE Wantage of Ramsbury m Jane of Childrey
Dec 1868
    ELIZABETH Newbury
Mar 1869
    SARAH Wantage
June 1869
    CHARLES Hungerford m Jane LOCKEY of Ramsbury [Chilton F] 29 May
    JAMES Stoke Damerell
    JOHN Faringdon
Dec 1869
    SARAH Worcester Frederick WILLMORE [Worcester]
    ROSE Highworth
    THOMAS Marlborough Sarah MILLARD of Marlb’h [OgStG] 22 Dec
June 1870
    SARAH Wantage
    LYDIA Marylebone dtr Geo/Eliz PEAK b 1844 Chelsfield
Dec 1870
    GEORGE Kensington painter of OgStG m Matilda of OgStG
June 1871
    FRANK Hungerford re-wed (see Sep64) Harriet BATT or BEASLEY of Hungerford
    ELIZABETH - Thomas SWATTON [OgStG] 25 May
Dec 1871
    ELLEN Lewisham 1d 1264 is this Ellen Isaac/Ann sister to Geo & Isaac?
    WILLIAM Eton 3c 715
March 1872
    WILLIAM Wantage 2c 438 ?? bricklayer & Elizabeth??
June 1872
    MARY Highworth 5a 7 Mary housekeeper to old Charles C71 Chiseldon? OR MARY SISTER TO GEO THE PAINTER?
Sept 1872
    CHARLES Highworth 5a5 [Mary] Jane CHOULES Chiseldon 6 July
Dec 1872
    ANN Marlborough 5a195 James RYLAND OgStG 21 Dc SISTER TO GEO THE PAINTER? or dtr DOBSON
Sept 1873
    ARNOLD Bromley 2a 513 Adelaide HEATHRILL Chelsfield 19 July
June 1874
    ALFRED HICKS Williton 5c657 m Ellen see Culham Farm Cottage, Wargrave C81 w 3.??
    ELIZABETH Wantage 2c571
    NICOL Gravesend 2a 631 m Miriam (he d 1914, she 1929
Dec 1875
    ELIZA Highworth 5a12
March 1876
    WILLIAM DOBSON Marlborough Ogbourne,.son of Isaac/Ann DOBSON m Martha
June 1876
    JAMES Chelsea 1a 503 of Watlington, Ox
    FRANK Lewisham 1d 1255 ?brother of Arnold
Sept 1876
    JAMES Marlborough 5a 143 Mary Ann, OgStG (??Jas and Annie parents of war-dead Albert E?)
    DONNA MARIA Swansea 11a 863 see main tree
Dec 1876
    ELIZABETH Cricklade 5c 70
Dec 1877
    JOHN Eton 3a 765
March 1878
    ARTHUR Cardiff 11a 265
June 1878
    ANNIE ROSE Neath 11a 625 H Phillimore dtr???
Sept 1878
    JOHN Marlborough 5a 125 Mary Ann DRAPER ?? son of Ann DOBSON
Dec 1878
    JAMES Wokingham 2c 862
    GEORGINA Gloucester 6a
    WILLIAM Henley 3a 1037 Hannah of Caversham, Ox
March 1879
    SARAH JANE ?Sterminster 5a 345
June 1879
    STEPHEN Staines 3a13 (he of Wantage/Harmondsworth a 27?)
Dec 1879
    ISAAC Kensington 1a 54 Emma, brother of George painter
Sept 1880
    GEORGE Wandsworth 1d 823 Catherine of Ireland?
    EMILY JANE Williton 5c 443
Mar 1881
    THOMAS Pancras 1b72
June 1881
    CHARLES Highworth 5a27
    MARY Chelsea 1a574 ?sister of George painter
Sept 1881
    JANE Highworth 5a42
    SARAH JANE Wokingham 2c 677
Dec 1881
    EMMA Kingston 2a582
    LOUISA Mile End 1c 1079
June 1882
    RICHARD CHAS B Wokingham 2a 671 m Anna Maria LEWIS Sonning 29 April
    JANE Henley 3a 1021
March 1883
    JOHN Highworth? 5a15
June 1883
    JAMES FARMER Bradfield 2c547
Dec 1883
    WILLIAM Highworth 5a39
Mar 1884
    MAURICE Bromley 2a493
Sept 1884
    REBECCA Marlborough 5a 139 daughter of Ann DOBSON OgStG
    FRANCIS WALLACE Lambeth 1d 695
    GEORGE RICHARD Sevenoaks 2a963
    SARAH ANN Wantage 2c555
Sept 1885
    LOUISE VICTORIA Holborn 1b 1099
    SARAH Marlborough 5a135
Dec 1885
    FANNY Bradfield 2c741
Mar 1886
    ELLEN Portsea ?2b586 sister of George painter?
    ISAAC Stow on Wold 6a501
    THOMAS Woolwich 1d 1094
    ALFRED WILLIAM Hampstead 1a 1027 b Swyncombe, Ox, Sonning C81 servant
Mar 1887
    LOUISE Wantage 2a 459
June 1887
    CHARLES Highworth 5a33
Sept 1887
    GEORGE HENRY Reading 2c 574
Dec 1887
    CARRIE (Carry?) Bradfield 2c 748 Sonning
    CHARLES HENRY H Swansea 11a 1170
    JANE HANNAH Lewisham 1d 1609
Mar 1888
    ELLEN ALICE Bethnal Green 1c 267
    JANE StGeoHSq 1a 562
June 1888
    EDWARD JAMES Cricklade 5a71
Sept 1888
    JACK E Ashford 2a116
Dec 1888
    HENRY GEORGE Lambeth 1d 806
    JAMES ALPHEUS Hungerford 2c 546
Mar 1889
    Henrietta WINCHOMBE Gloucester 6a341
Dec 1889
    WILLIAM HENRY Hungerford 2c 582
    ANNE Wokingham
    ANNIE Highworth 5a 18
    ELIZABETH Eton 3a915
Mar 1890
    HENRY Highworth 5a31
    SARAH ELIZABETH Eton 3a613
    ELIZABETH LOUISE St Saviour 1d124 m James ROWLEY 10 March
    LOUISA Hungerford 2c346
June 1890
    ERNEST FRANK Hungerford 2a465 m Emily LOCKETT at Great Bedwyn Wilts 10 April (he 24 son of Frank, she 25 dtr of Wm)
    HARRIET Chelsea 1a591
    TOM StGHSq 1a 921
June 1891
    THOMAS CHARLES Lambeth 1d498
Sept 1891
    MINNIE Pancras 1b 293
Dec 1891
    FANNY LOUISE Marlborough 5a179
Mar 1892
    GEORGE Bromley 2c 569
June 1892
    FRANCES F Hungerford 2a525 (Francis?)
    WILLIAM Highworth 5a4
Sept 1892
    FREDERICK CHARLES Pontypridd 11a723
Mar 1893
    ASENATH? Cricklade 6a43
    DANIEL Winchester 2a 117
    ELIZABETH CHOULES Highworth 2a54
June 1893
    MAUD ETHEL Chelsea 1a 657
Sept 1893
    ANNIE ADA Wandsworth 1d 1167
    ROSE ELLEN Fulham 1a561
Dec 1893
    ANN Taunton 5a 607
    FLORENCE LUCY Wandsworth 1d 1090
    WILLIAM Paddington 1a23
    Isabella WINCOMB Ipswich 4a 1626
Mar 1894
    WILLIAM HADEN Highworth 5a41 son of Benjamin, contractor
June 1894
    WALTER JOHN Pancras 1b 240
Dec 1894
    GEORGE Marlborough 5a175
Sept 1895
    EMILY ELIZABETH Reading 1c706
    ROSEANNE Paddington 1z 73
Dec 1895
    STEPHEN Staines 3a23
    ANNIE Eton 1a 1085
    WILLIAM RICH Cricklade 5a80
Mar 1896
    JOSEPHINE ALICE Islington 1c 263
Sept 1896
    PHILIP CHARLES Highworth 5a47
    WILLIAM STEPHEN Eton 3a 1195
Dec 1896
    ALICE Hungerford 2e 569
    LUCY EMMA Wokingham 2e 895
Mar 1897
    BENJAMIN Highworth 5a37
June 1897
    JOHN Bridgend 11a 1125
    WILLIAM Gloucester 6a 556
Sept 1897
    CLARA Woolwich 1d 2212
    FLORENCE GERTRUDE Newport, Mon 11a 312
Dec 1897
    ELLEN SUSANNIE Highworth 5a55
Mar 1898
    ANNIE Cricklade 5a55
    FREDERICK StGHSq 1a 714
Sept 1898
    ELLEN Lambeth 1d572
Dec 1898
    ELLEN FARMER Fulham 1a644
    WILLIAM HENRY F Wantage 2e761
Mar 1899
    MARTHA FARMER Fulham 1a 435
    MARY ANN Brentford 3a89
June 1899
    AGNES LETITIA Hungerford 2e 624
Sept 1899
    CHARLES Pewsey 5a341 (Wilts)
    COUNTCELETTA ELIZA Hungerford 2c561 Frederick Morley GARLICK
Dec 1899
    SARAH JANE Winchester 2c 292
June 1900
    FLORENCE CAROLINE Lewisham 1d 1939
Sept 1900
    ADA EMMA Eton 3a 1375
    ELIZABETH ANNIE Hungerford 2e 520 William Hale BENNETT
Dec 1900
    ELIZABETH Marlborough 5a 195
    ELIZABETH Hungerford 2c 621
June 1901
    HENRY GEORGE Hertford 3a 1079
    ELIZABETH ANN Holborn 1b 1264
    KATE ROSETTA Wokingham 2e 907
Sept 1901
    ISAAC Fulham 1a 715
    JOHN Lambeth 1d611 Eliza Jane DAVIS
Dec 1901
    WILLIAM STEPHEN Stoke on Trent 6b 463
Mar 1902
    EDWIN Chelsea 1a 342
    GWENLLIAN Pontypridd 11a 876
Sept 1902
    DAVID Dorking 2a 311
    ETHEL EMILY Lambeth 1d 771
    GWENLLIAN JANE Romford 4a 842 Walter DACK
    JACK Hendon 3a 512
Mar 1903 nil
June 1903 nil
Sept 1903 nil
Dec 1903
    ANNIE Hungerford 2c 665
Mar 1904 nil
June 1904
    CHARLOTTE E Hungerford 2c617
    EDITH LOUISE Reading 2a 808
    WILLIAM HERBERT Neath 11a 1350
Sept 1904
    ALFRED JOHN West Ham 4a 143
Dec 1904
    ARNOLD W Bromley 2a 900
    ELIZABETH ELLEN Swindon 5a5
Mar 1905
    HELEN ELIZA Camberwell 1d 905
June 1905
    ELLEN Lambeth 1d 796
    MARY JANE Swindon 5a 3
Sept 1905
    GEORGE Wandsworth 1d 1392
    MARY ANN Swindon 5a 87
Dec 1905
    *ELIZABETH ANNIE Belper 7b 1285
    *GEORGINA HENRIETTA Belper 7b 1288
    SUSAN ANNIE Alverstoke 2b 1243
Mar 1906 nil
June 1906
    ELIZABETH ANN Marlborough 5a 201
Sept 1906
    FRED Hungerford 2c ?1005
    LUCY ANN Hendon 3a 623
Dec 1906
    ALBERT E St Geo Hsq 1a 904
    FRANK Sevenoaks 2a 1406
March 1907
    ELLA ROSE Wokingham 2c 633
    *THOMAS NASH Wandsworth 1d 691
    WALTER CHARLES Gainsboro 7a1849 m Christina May MacKENZIE children Walter J (b ChCh 1917 d a 4, Christina N or M m STRANGE b Fulham 1914)
June 1907
    ALBERT EDWARD Romford 4a 760
    ARTHUR HARRY Reading 2c 763 Nellie Frances
Sept 1907
    CARRIE ISOBEL Bromley 2a 1128
    EDITH MAY BUCKLE Lewisham 1d 2337
    THOMAS SAWYER Dartford 2a 1359
Dec 1907
    LEAH Cricklade 5a102
June 1908
    THOMAS Hungerford 2c 571 Elizabeth Mary WALKER
Sept 1908
    FIANETTA ELIZA Kensington 1a 372
Dec 1908
    ARTHUR ROBERT Bath 5c 1152
March 1909
    ARTHUR Portsmouth 2b 724 d Dec 1931
June 1909 nil
Sept 1909 nil
Dec 1909
    BLANCHE LAVINIA Hungerford 2c 646 Alfred Richard MARSH
    ROSE PRISCILLA Warwick 6d 1160
March 1910
    CHARLES HENRY Hungerford 2c 513 Florence Grace GILES
    HERBERT Bromley 2a788
Jun 1910
    ELLEN ELIZABETH Eton 3a 1408
Sep 1910
    *EMMA M Belper 7b 1336
    ADA R Swindon 5a 47
    CHARLES H Swansea 11a 1860 presumably MATTHEWS = Blodwen
Dec 1910
    ALBERT JAMES Lambeth 1d 706 m Daisy Duck?? and killed in war
    DAISY Lymington 2b 1405
    SARAH E Dorchester 5a 770
Mar 1911
    man">*MAY E Bradfield 2c 489
June 1911
    ALICE D C Wokingham 2c 942
    ETHEL A Bradfield 2c 789
    JOHN H Pontypridd 11a 1060 undoubtedly GRIFFITHS (or VAUGHAN)
    JOHN H R Wokingham 2c 945
    LILY MAUD Romford 4a 932 Norman Vane HAWKINS
Sept 1911
    ANNIE Swansea 11a 1820 widow of Charles H H (d 1909) re-wed
    FREDERICK Swindon 5a 76
    an">SAMUEL ROBERT Newbury 2c 591 m Maria PEDGRIFT
Dec 1911
    EDWARD Hungerford 2c 665
    THOMAS J Preston 8e 1143
March 1912
    *HENRY JAMES Basford 7b244 Florence SUTTON
    AGNES E Cirencester 6a 487 Frederick M MOSS
June 1912
    FLORENCE KATE Swindon 5a20 Frederick J MORRIS
    MABEL Farnham 2a 323 George H PARKER
Sept 1912
    *FLORENCE M Andover 2c 577 GUYATT
    GEORGE R Bromley 2a 1255 Sophia M A SMITH
    JOHN Paddington 1a 221 Jane A MAY
Dec 1912 nil
Mar 1913
    HAROLD GEORGE Swindon 5a 14 Caroline S HUNT
    JAMES A[lpheus?] Pewsey 5a 269 Elizabeth A FARLEY
    JOHN Pewsey 5a ?270 Emily E WAITE
June 1913
    *ALBERT E Belper 7b 1258 Edith E HOPKINS
    *SYLVIA M C Wokingham 2c 834 Bert GILDER
    EDITH M Camberwell 1d 1327 Geo H NIBBS
    HERBERT A[lexander] Maidenhead 2e 889 Edith MOORE
    HERBERT V Lewisham 1d 1717 Nellie L SKEATES
    JESSE Swindon 5a3 Ellen GEGG
    MARITA [MARTHA?] Chelsea 1a 762 Thomas G COOPER
    SIDNEY HARRY Hungerford 2c 587 Caroline BARRETT
Sept 1913 nil
Dec 1913
    *ERNEST J Hampstead 1a 1473 Lily B TEED
    GEORGE Bromley 2a 1120 Mabel J CROSS
    PATIENCE Marlborough 5a 191 Percy W A HOLMES
Mar 1914 nil
June 1914
    BEATRICE Romford 4a 1027 Carol A COFMAN
    JAMES Paddington 1a33 Susan N BATH
    MARGARET MERCY Windsor 2c 1064a Geo A FELLOWS
Sept 1914
    ALICE E Swindon 5a3 Edward J WALKER
Dec 1914
    CHARLES Pwilhelli 11b717 Margaret GRIFFITHS
    DOROTHY Ross 6a 1109 Geo F C MORRIS
    JAMES W A Wokingham 2c 997
Mar 1915
    EDITH M Greenwich 1d 1476 Charles a GOOCH
    IVY Bromley 2a 850 Leonard D SMITH
    ROBERT C Swindon 5a14 Florence E LAWRENCE
June 1915 nil
Sept 1915
    *GEORGE E Salford 8d 378 BRUNETTI
    COUNTCELETTA Willesden 3a 669 Frederick BORDYCUTT
Dec 1915
    *DAISY Wincheter 2c 417 William MITCHELL
    CLARA VICTORIA Greenwich 1d ?3067 HAWES
    PERCY Warwick 6d 2363 Jane MOORE
    THOMAS O? Rotherham 9c ?1861 Sarah MORTON
Mar 1916
    JACK Pancras 1b 173 Emily B CHURCH
June 1916
    HERBERT C Yarmouth 4b4 Florence SMITH
Sept 1916 nil
Dec 1916
    MABEL Swindon 5a 32 George R CHILD
Mar 1917 nil
June 1917 nil
Sept 1917
    FREDERICK J Middlesborough 9d 966 Ellen HUGILL
    MARY Swindon 5a5 Ernest Edward HABGOOD
Dec 1917 nil
Mar 1918 nil
June 1918
    EDWARD L E Maidenhead 2e 955 Alice A GILDER
    SIDNEY K Chipping Sodbury 6a477 Emma A ANSTEE
Sept 1918
    AGNES B Hampstead 1a 1692 Arthur BOYCE
    LILLIAN W? Cirencester 6a 897 ??BURELL??
Dec 1918
    ELIZABETH A A ??? Medway 2a 1686 George FEARNE??
    PEARL Plymouth 5b 646 Ronald G RESTORICK
Mar 1919 nil
June 1919
    *ALICE R Basford 7b 646 GAUNT
Sept 1919
    EDITH Swindon 5a40 Wallace L DAVEY
    HENRIETTA A Pancras 1b 333 Peter R WIGHTMAN
    MAURICE Shepton Mallett 5c 1061 Annie E GOODLAND
Dec 1919
    ARTHUR Newbury 2c771 Jane DAVIE
    ERNEST HENRY Devizes 5a 318 Annie HOQUARD
    FRANK Kingston 2a 1055 Rose E BARRETT
    WALLACE A Stroud 6a 923 Elizabeth JENKINSON
Mar 1920
    ETHEL Lambeth 1d634 Hubert ?B deBURGH
June 1920 nil
Sept 1920
    *ALICE M Winchester 2c421 LAKE
    ALFRED E Cardiff 11a 857 Mabel E? JONES
    JAMES ARTHUR Pancras 1b 212 Doris H HYDE
    WALTER J Pancras 1b98 Edith C BAGGS
    WILLIAM S Eton 3a2227 Fanny L DIDCOCK
Mar 1921
    (Wincombe in Lincs)
June 1921
    PHYLLIS MARY Windsor 2c 1043 David J NEWTON
    SIDNEY KENNETH Amesbury 5a 381 (2) Millicent I GILBERT
Sept 1921
    *ARTHUR H Bristol 6a289 ALVIS
    *ERNEST E Portsmouth 2b1322 SCADDEN
    ADA J Bromley 2a 1462 Richard TANNER
    ANNIE E Eton 3a 2381 Albert E S SMITH
Dec 1921
    *DAISY Fareham 2b 1471 Alfred G SHERWOOD
    GEORGE Croydon 2a772 Emma L ANDREWS
    LILLIAN A Willesden 3a 551
Mar 1922
    WALLACE Isle of Wight 2b917 Gladys M KELLY
June 1922
    *DOROTHY H St Martin 1a 1206 DILKE
    ALBERT E Swindon 5a75 Mary A BEHAN
    WILLIAM G Eton 3a2145 Margaret PAINTER
Sept 1922
    GEORGE A Bristol 6a436 Violet M DUDBRIDGE
    HORACE Bromley 2a 1539 Ivy G KNIBBS
    JOHN H R Reading 2c994 Amy COSTAR
    WILLIAM Eton 3a 2462 Clara F AUGER
Dec 1922
    *FREDERICK E Paddington 1a 138 WELLER
Mar 1923
    (Wincombes in Ipswich)
June 1923
    DAISY V Bath 5c1196 (2) George H C HOLMES (widow of Albert Jas)
Sept 1923 nil
Dec 1923
    DOROTHY ROSE Windsor 2c1122 Walter PUTNAM
Mar 1924 nil
June 1924
    JESTYN Romford 4a 1069 Grace F HAWKINS
    WILLIAM E Marylebone 1a 1223 Lottie PLASKETT
Sept 1924
    AGNES Windsor 2c1170 Edward William BROWN
    THOMAS Llanelly 11a 2516 Olive P BAKER
Dec 1924 nil
Mar 1925
    ALFRED J W Islington 1b 348 Florence R DRABWELL
    JOHN Andover 2c397 Beatrice J STACEY
June 1925
    FRED Maidenhead 2c 1037 Grace V WALE
    WALLACE H Devizes 5a 257 Ethel F LEWIS
Sept 1925
    *EVELINE Mere 5a Tom HINTON
    *MABEL E Bromley 2a 1587 ?BURTON
    FRANK Pancras 1b 871 Florence A HOLLOWAY
    FREDERICK A Fulham 1a 802 Emily B EVANS
Dec 1925
    WILLIAM G Swindon 5a77 Ethelinda LOADER
Mar 1926
    DAVID Croydon 2a522 Doris E LANGLEY
    WINIFRED M Swindon 5a17 Richard INDGE
June 1926
    MILDRED A Swindon 5a35 Henry MAISEY
Sept 1926
    ANNIE W Romford 4a1250 Walter E PARROTT
    ERNEST F Swaffham 4b815 Emily V M STURGEON
Dec 1926 nil
Mar 1927 nil
June 1927
    *EDITH T Salford 8d886 TAYLOR
    CHARLES C Hungerford 2c 667 Olive G DAY
Sept 1927
    HERBERT Bromley 2A 1710 Violetta LARKIN
    LILLIAN M Barnstaple 5B1019 John J SHIDLS
Dec 1927
    FLORENCE A Dartford 2A 1485 Frank ROSE
    PHILIP C Stroud 6A 787 Ellen L WITT
Mar 1928 nil
June 1928 nil
Sept 1928
    *ELLEN Middlesboro 9d1281 POTTER
Dec 1928
    NEVILLE A Northampton 3b 102 Doris REEVE
    ROSE L Fulham 1a 752 Charles J MATTHEWS
Mar 1929 nil
June 1929
    CYRIL L Swindon 5a 44 Elsie M TITCOMBE
    MABEL G Lewisham 1d 1729 George F DAVIES
Sept 1929
    FRANK Ipswich 4a 2948 Ellen M WEST
Dec 1929
    *CHARLES Mere 5a 525 Florence M FORD
    GEORGE H Fulham 1a 732 Akice M FOSTER
    VERA E Swindon 5a12 Archibald J PINCHON
Mar 1930 nil
June 1930 nil
Sept 1930
    *WILLIAM J Stockport 8a 144 LEAH
    ELSIE M Hungerford 2c 847 Edward W MOON
    LOTTIE B Paddington 1a3 Arthur E BURLEY
    MATILDA Fulham 1a 1022 George A DEANE
Dec 1930
    FANNY L Eton 3a 2330 Alfred W DIXON
    THOMAS CECIL Pancras 1b201 Florence KITE
Mar 1931
    *LILLIAN E Mere 5a293 GUNTER
    GLADYS B Fulham 1a504 Francis G POWELL
June 1931
    CHARLES S Eton 3a 2533 Henrietta M BLACK
    WILLIAM J Hammersmith 1a 560 Elsie I ADAMSON
Sept 1931
    FRANCES M Wokingham 2c1221 Henry P PASCAL
Dec 1931
    *WILLIAM S Darlington 10a31 METCALFE
    CHRISTINA D or P Swindon 5a34 Walter H WILLIS
    JOHN H Neath 11a 1746 Annie P KRIESCHER
Mar 1932
    ASHLEY J D Swindon 5a Doris I TITCHENER
    VIOLET A Sevenoaks 2a 1598 Ernest R BATTY
June 1932 nil
Sept 1932 nil
Dec 1932
    ERNEST (MOORE?) Reading 1c1096 Beatrice R PETERS
Mar 1933 nil
June 1933
    FREDERICK C Bromley 2a1637 Getrude `A NICHOLS
    GEORGE W Hastings 2b36 Edith A SOUTHERDEN
    WILLIAM A Neath 11a 1858 Phyllis M MORGAN
Sept 1933
    DORA S A Eastry 2a 3650 David J SHANKLAND
    EDWARD F Paddington 1a4 Violet WALDOCK
    EMILY E Pewsey 5s424 widow of John (2) Leslie F COOK
Dec 1933
    ARTHUR W Paddington 1a4 Lillian D WHITBREAD
    OWEN S G Swindon 5a65 Iris M JONES
    ROBERT Windsor 2c1264 Kathleen M ODELL
    THORA Wandsworth 1d1067 (1) Ronald a WILLIAMS re-wed
Mar 1934
    DAISY M Hungerford 2c557 George H NIGHTINGALE
    HELENA L Windsaor 2c883 David J DAVIES
June 1934
    ARTHUR H W Swindon 5a90 Lucy M KING
    BLODWEN M Swansea 11a 2071 Stanley H WEEKS
    ELLEN D P Reading 2c 985 Arthur W S LUSTED
Sept 1934
    CHARLES R Uxbridge 3a 250 Mary I CARSON
Dec 1934
    *ALBERT T Luton 3b 1183 OGDEN
    *ELIZABETH Battersea 1d941 SHEEHAN
    ANNIE N Eton 3a 2833 Arthur F PAYNE
Mar 1935
    LEONARD J Marylebone 1a Helen A GATER
June 1935
    ALFRED J Fulham 1a955 Kathleen A CAVES
Sep 1935
    LEONARD A Salisbury 5a 497
    MAURICE A Hackney 1b 1208
    VIOLET Pancras 1b 357 RONALD I CHILDS
Dec 1935
    KATHLEEN K V Fulham 1a 773 William T BAKER
Mar 1936
    WALLACE P Worksop 7b45 Dora I TILLSON
June 1936 to do
Sept 1936
    BEATRICE Bromley 2a 2434 Cyril C SALWAY
    EDITH A E Marlborough 5a 297 George E COPLESTONE see OgStG churchyard
Dec 1936
    *CHRISTINA M Wycombe 3a 3085 Frederick A STRANGE
    ALICE Maidenhead 2c 1221 Albert G BIRD
    GLADYS M Dartford 2a 1985 Horace WOOLDRIDGE
    JANE Maidenhead 2c 1221 ?!?!? William STARK
    MAISIE V L Romford 4a 1219 Raymond J FOSTER
Mar 1937 nil
June 1937 nil
Sept 1937
    *WILLIAM HENRY Shardlow 7b 1455 WRIGHT
    CHRISTABELL V Woolwich 1d 3589 Wilfred A HOLMES
    EDWARD L E Surrey SE 2a 1748 (2) STOURBRIDGE?? (prev m 1918)
    JAMES H Bromley 2a 2659 Joyce D BUMSTEAD
    LOLA MAY Pancras 1b 362 Ernest C PORTER
Dec 1937
    ERIC L Maidenhead 2c 1122 Edith I NORRIS
    VERA A BROMLEY 2A 1603
Mar 1938
    WALTER W J Marlborough 5a 171 Alice M FISHER
June 1938
Sept 1938
    *OLIVE Cleveland 9d 1267 MILLAR
Dec 1938
    ALBERT A Swindon 5a129 Gwendoline L CHAPPELL
Mar 1939 nil
June 1939
    *BERTHA A Cheltenham 6a1148 RAWLINS
Sep 1939
    LAWRENCE Swindon 5a99 Kathleen R HACKER
    PHYLLIS P Bromley 2a 3541 Wm T COLLYER
Dec 1939
    PAULINE Eastry 2a 5533 Fred G J HARTILL
Mar 1940
    KATHLEEN Swindon 5a 142 Wm G MORGAN
    PEGGY J A Reading 2c 1360 Harold WAKE
June 1940 nil
Sept 1940
    ALICE H Ware 3a 4190 Edward F W DENCH
    ROWLAND C Newbury 2C 1377 Kathaleen B BEECH
    WINIFRED J Swindon 5a95 Eric G LEWIS
Dec 1940
    FREDERICK J Swindon 5a 61 Doreen M POTTER
    MYRTLE M Marlborough 5a 368 Arthur R G CLAY
    WALLACE G Wokingham 2c 1657 Eileen C BUNCE
Mar 1941
    GEORGE E Maidstone 2a 3097? Vatherine I TOWNER
    PHYLLIS M Windsor 2c 1520 Charles T D EVANS
    STANLEY Wokingham 2c 1333 Joyce M BOND
June 1941
    JAMES Willeseden 3a 1396 ALEXANDER
    JOAN Wokingham 2c1296 George J STANNETT
    WINIFRED A Wells 5c 1450 Sidney D CHISMAN
Sept 1941
    DONALD J Tonbridge 2a 3355 Violet A DADSWELL
    ROSALIE O Romford 4a 1783 Ronald J A ETHERIDGE
Dec 1941
    EDWARD E Fakenham 4b 899 Ruby P PURDY
Mar 1942
    DORIS M Swindon 5a70 James W MORRISON
June 1942
    *KATHLEEN M Portsmouth 2b 1488 Leonard R AUSTIN
    PHYLLIS IRENE Pancras 1b 221 Randolph A WISEMAN
Sept 1942
    SYLVIA Maidenhead 2c1317 Victor J HALLETT
Dec 1942
    FRANK H Surrey NE 2a311 BUTLER
    KATHLEEN J Marlborough Henry J GURD
Mar 1943
    SHEILA L Mere 5a433 Robert H WOODFORD
June 1943
    *TERENCE O Maidstone 2c 2381 SNASHALL
    WINIFRED M Nideford 5b 1063 William E ACHESON
Sept 1943 nil
Dec 1943
    MARY E Wells 5c881 Ronald C BROWN
Mar 1944
    FREDERICK J Surrey SW 2a971 Evelyn M SCARLETT
June 1944
    CYRIL D Bromley 2a 1834a Elsie L DAY
    MILDRED J Devizes 5a326 Thomas W R COUSE
    NELLY Rother Valley 9c1527 Arthur H BOOTH
Sept 1944
    HARTLEY R Fulham 1a 518 Josephine R PACKHAM
Dec 1944
    *JOAN O Portsmouth 2b 1975 George R LAMB
    KATHLEEN L Reading 2c919 Kenneth G JAMES
Mar 1945
    ALEXANDRA B Windsor 2c1229 Joseph M CORRIGAN
    AMY Lambeth 1d 262 Edgar B DREDGE
June 1945
    FREDERICK G Bermondsey 1d 225 Elizabeth A DOOLAN
    MABEL W Dartford 2a 2401 Charles W PEARCE
    NORMAN A Staines 3a146 Margaret M WHYTE
Sept 1945
    JOHN P Wells 5c113 Elsie M HILL
    JOYCE M F Eton 3a4526 Charles H OLDFIELD
    RONALD H Wokingham 2a1475 Dorothea R BATSON
    THORA (ex-WILLIAMS) Croydon 2a2292 Ernest E FRAY
    WILLIAM G Swindon 5a83 Frances M L DAY
Dec 1945
    DORIS E Bridgend 11a 1657 Frederick C DEEKS
    FLORENCE G Marlborough 5a 259
    GEORGE S Lancaster 8e 1939 Joan MOUNT
    INA Y Wolverhampton 6b1485 John D LACON
Mar 1946
    ETHEL M Hendon 3a1261 Robert V WOODROFFE
June 1946
    DOREEN A M Devizes 5a305 Walter W BLAGDEN
    GEORGE E Reading 2e1195 Anna D WHYTE
Sept 1946
    LILLIAN M Cardiff 8b233 GRANT (not there?!)
Dec 1946
    JOYCE D H Ilford 5a755 Edward W WHITE
Mar 1947
    BERNARD Pancras 5d 932? Elsie G BURROWS
    JOHN N Swindon 7c 1132 Evelyn M HUDD
    ROBERT W Wokingham 6a 401 Edna BUNCE
June 1947
    JAMES L Camberwell 5c533 Eileen R N HARROLD
Sept 1947
    DOREEN E Maidenhead Herbert GRFFITHS
    DOREEN E G Bromley 5b 373 Dennis S SHINGLETON-THORNE
    JESSIE I Bideford 7a 763 Gordon WALKER
    KENNETH W Islington 5c2640 Doris K RICHARDSON
Dec 1947
    FRANCIS W Swindon 7c1361 Jean M WEBB
    IVOR J Nottingham 3c1072 Elizabeth ALLSOP
    JEAN M Swindon 7c1340 Leslie W SUTTON
    PHILIP L Warminster 7c1519 Betty D FARLEY
Mar 1948
    MURIEL (ex-WALKER) Liverpool N 10d 587 George C P HEWETT
June 1948 nil
Sept 1948
    CONSTANCE M Eton 6a1116 Charles W A PARSLEY
Dec 1948
    ELIZABETH M Cardiff 8b200 Kenneth H DAVIES
    THOMAS J Rother Valley 2c1409 Emmie HAGUE
Mar 1949
    LAURETTA J Bromley 5b 299 Eric E HINTON
    ROBERT Windsor 6a415 Julia DONE
June 1949
    FLORENCE R Bideford 7a 646 William THOMPSON
    MARION Swindon 7c1385 Raymond G CURTIS
Sept 1949
    FREDERICK G Ealing 5e546 Constance M CATON
    HERBERT V Willesden 5f 808 Annie V PALES
    LEONARD W Ilford 5a 1128 Winifred E COE
Dec 1949 nil
Mar 1950 ?? (error in book) Yvonne CHANNING Essex SW 5a455
June 1950
    MARJORIE Dartford 5b969 Maurice F BANKS
Sept 1950
    DORIS I Bath 7c29 John W WEBB
    JOAN I Swindon 7c1476 Derek A THORNE
    JOYCE F Finsbury 5c1333 Leslie A TARRAN
    MARJORIE M Croydon 5g145 William D COLLIP
    PATRICK L Trowbridge 7c1634 Mary ROBINSON
Dec 1950 nil