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Family Tree - Winchcombes - Births

Here is a list of all births of people with the name Winchcombe contained within the offical BMD indices.
If you spot any problems with the data please contact me with details.

June 1838
    THOMAS Hungerford [David/Harriet ELLIOT Hungerford 7 June 1838 [??a T m W London Jun 62 qtr]
Sept 1838
    JAMES Marlborough [Isaac/Ann JOHNSON Marlborough [OgStA b 21 Sept 1838 (d Marlborough Dec 38? prob cos not in C41]
    ELIZA[BETH] Neath
    GEORGE Bromley [d Bromley Dec qtr 1878 a 40] b Chelsfield Geo/Eliz PEAK c 7 Oct m Louisa DOLLEY father of Walter & Eliz Louisa
    ROSA James/Ann c Chiseldon 5 May 1839
    JANE Charles/Mary WILKINS b 14 June 1839 c 21 July Chiseldon
June 1839
    MARTHA Swindon [Swindon James/Ann FOX b 28 March c 28 April Chiseldon]
Dec 1839
    ELIZABETH Marlborough [Isaac/Ann JOHNSON, see OgStA, a1 C41, a 11 C51 OgStA]
    MARY ANN Wantage [d Wantage Dec qtr 1840]
Mar 1840
    ALFRED Westbury/Severn [??Alfred Hicks W m 1874, d Bridgend 11a 291, Dec 76, and maybe connected w Charlotte who m Hicks? NO]
    RACHEL Marlborough b Barbary, Wilts later Mrs Hearmon (1859) and Duckett
Sept 1840
    WALTER Bromley [a W m at St Martins 1a 769 Dec 65] died Tonbridge 2a 1274 a 84 MarQ1924
Mar 1841
    ELIZABETH Hungerford [?m Newbury 2c463 Dec 68 qtr] Chilton F Stephen/Mary Ann PIKE c 4 April
    GEORGE David/Harriet 7 Feb 1841 Chilton Foliat or Hungerford
    HENRY HOPKIN Merthyr T see main tree (Henry/Gwenllian)
June 1841
    JOHN Wantage
Dec 1841
    ESTHER Marlborough [?an Esther Ann m 1863 Gloucester]. Hester a9 in C51 Isaac/Ann JOHNSON (see later in Portsea) m JunQ 1863
    BENJAMIN Highworth [James/Ann c 7 Nov 1841 Chiseldon; b 19 Oct 1841 Hodson, Wilts, m Ann 1865, ag lab Chiseldon 81C, rag collector m Ann, Hodson Bottom in C71 w 3ch, died rich in 1906]
Sept 1842
    HERBERT Bromley Geo/Eliz’th Chelsfield c 31 Oct
Mar 1843
    JUSTIN [Jestyn] Narberth see main tree [Henry/Gwenillian]
June 1843
    JOHN Hungerford [b Chilton, m Mary, Ramsbury 81C, miller] David/Harriet ELLIOTT b 3 June, c 2 July
Sept 1843
    STEPHEN Wantage
    GEORGE E Ashford
    HENRY b 17 July 1844 James/Ann c Chiseldon 29 Sept 1844
Mar 1844
    MARY Marlborough [??Charles/Mary b 1 March 1844, c 29 Sept 1844 Chiseldon; C71 unm dtr Charles in Chiseldon] NO! THIS IS Mary Isaac/Ann JOHNSON of OgStA see C51 aged 7
Sept 1844
    LOUISA Narberth see main tree [Henry/Gwenillian male Gloucester
Dec 1844
    female Bromley (is this the LYDIA George/Elizabeth PEAK b Chelsfield and c 22 Dec, m 1870 Marylebone?)
Mar 1845
    CHARLOTTE SARAH ANN Hungerford Ramsbury Thomas/Louisa c 28 Feb
Sept 1845
    RICHARD Wantage [d Wantage June qtr 1894 a 48, 81C farm servant at East Lockinge ‘a30’ should read 36, b Sparsholt]
Dec 1845
    SARAH ANN Hungerford [m Dec 64 Hungerford] Hungerford David/Harriet ELLIOTT c 15 Oct
Mar 1846
    THOMAS Marlborough [m Sarah MILLARD 22 Dec 69, d June 79 qtr Marlborough a 32]. See C51 aged 5 OgStG grandson Rebecca Dobson ie Isaac/Ann DOBSON
June 1846
    CHARLES Swindon (Charles/Mary c 25 April 1847; d Swindon a 88 JunQ 1934)
    GEORGE Marlborough [Geo, painter, b OgStG Isaac/Ann JOHNSON m Kensington Dec 70, d Paddington a45 June 91qtr 81C w wife Matilda & 4 in Paddington]
    SARAH ANN Shoreditch
    ELIZABETH Hungerford Ramsbury Thomas/Louisa c 21 May
Sept 1846
    WALTER Hungerford [presumably the Walter b Chelsfield who m Cinderella of Wye, C81 a 35 gardener in Kent]
Sept 1847
    GEORGE Staines [George/Mary PENDREY, b 12 July Staines]
Dec 1847
    MARY ANN Swindon [?d High’th a 19, June 66] Liddington Th/Lucy c 14 Nov
Mar 1848
    ELIZABETH Marlborough [Og StG m Thomas SWATTON 25 May 1871?]
    HENRY JESSE WILKINS c Chiseldon 27 June. mother only: Ann
June 1848
    ELLEN Marlborough Isaac/Ann JOHNSON aged 3 in C51 OgStA
    CHARLES Hungerford [b Chilton,13 May, David/Harriet ELLIOTT, m Jane, 81C miller’s carter at Chilton w family]
Mar 1849
    JAMES STEPHEN Stepney [m Fanny Ann Laundry, London 1880, to Australia]
June 1849
    SARAH Wantage [?m March 69 qtr, another June 70!]
Sept 1849
    ISAAC Marlborough [b OgStG, m Emma, 81C grocer’s asst Kensington] Isaac/Ann JOHNSON last child before father’s death
Dec 1849
    ROSE Swindon [m High’th Dec 69 qtr] Liddington Thomas/Lucy c 18 Nov
    JOHN Marlborough [m Mary Ann DRAPER, 81C OgStG ag lab]
Mar 1850
    ALFRED Alverstoke
    ARNOLD George/Elizabeth c Chelsfield 10 Mar 1850
June 1850
    ELIZABETH ANNIE Hungerford [?an EA d a21 Camberwell Dec 71]
Sept 1850
    LETITIA Swansea see main Tree [Henry/Gwenillian] c 26 June
June 1851
    ELIZABETH Wantage [?an E d Wantage Mar 61]
    HENRY WILLIAM Lambeth (is this a child of Henry of Kings Sutton???)
Sept 1851
    ALICE Hungerford
    ALFRED Wheatenhurst d 1852
Dec 1851
    MARY JANE Stepney
Mar 1852
    GEORGE Marlborough [?a G d Marl Sept 58 qtr]
June 1852
    ARTHUR Swansea see main Tree [Henry/Gwenillian]
Dec 1852
    HENRIETTA Wheatenhurst [81C servant in Cheshire?]
    STEPHEN Wantage [??81C Harmondsworth Mddx w wife Jane, a 28] died SepQ 1925 Staines 3a 16. (m Staines 1895)
    SARAH ELIZABETH by John/Martha of Staines, c 7 November Stanwell, Mddx
    MAURICE c Chelsfield 12 Sept 1852 George/Elizabeth C81 Mile End
Mar 1853
    EMMA Henley [81C b Wallington, Ox, Housemaid in Kensington]
June 1853
    JOHN ARTHUR St Georges East
Sept 1853
    ANN Marlborough [OgStG Isaac/Ann DOBSON c 20 November 1853]
Dec 1854
    SARAH JANE Bedminster [81C Bucks ‘b Cockpool?’ a 26]
Mar 1855
    ANN Hungerford Stephen/M A Pike Hungerf’d c 6 Feb but see also Stephen/Ann c Hungerford 25 March WINCHOMB
    GEORGE Henley [b Wallington, Ox, m Catherine [Ire]] maybe d MarQ 1926 a 70
June 1855
    ALFRED Wheatenhurst [b Mourton, Gloucs, 81C a25 sailor, d a 41 Wh’hurst]
    THOMAS Henley [d Wokingham a 23 Dec 78 qtr?] [or ?b Childrey, 81C shepherd East Lockinge, d Bradfield a29 Mar 83 qtr?]
Dec 1855
    GEORGINA Bristol see main Tree
    MARIA LOUISA Bristol see main Tree, d Dec 56 qtr
    ALFRED Lambeth [?an A d Newington Mar 57]
Mar 1856
    ELIZABETH Cricklade [?an Eliza d Cricklade Dec 58 qtr is she Geo/Ann Wootton B?]
    JAMES Marlborough [OgStG Isaac/Ann DOBSON c 6 March 1856, 81C ag lab OgStG w wife Ann & family] (a James husband of Annie d Cricklade/Ashton Keynes 12 Mar 1918)
June 1856
    ELIZA Highworth [?d High’th Mar 64] Liddington Thomas/Lucy c 11 May
    HARTLEY Abingdon [d Reading Sept 57 qtr]
    LOUISA Wantage
Sept 1856
    JAMES Abingdon J b OgStG & there in C81 a 24?
Dec 1856
    ANNIE Swansea (Henry P/Gwenllian) main tree
    ELIJAH Hungerford [son of Jane, c 18 Sept d Hungerford Dec 58 qtr]
Mar 1857
    WILLIAM HENRY Marlborough [c 22 Jan d Marlborough, at birth] Walter/Sarah Ann
June 1857
    MAURICE [George] Wheatenhurst Frampton-on-Severn Geo/Betsey WHITTLE c 13 Sept. To Australia m Martha COX Vict 1887 no7376, son Rbt Edwin 1892 m Ruby Elizabeth Peart = Rbt Edwin 1916-51; son William Alfred 1906 m Hannah = Jas Fdk d 1980
    MATILDA LOUISA Bridgend see main Tree [d Swansea, Dec 58 qtr] Geo Ph/Sarah
Dec 1857
    ELIZABETH Lambeth
Mar 1858
    DONNA MARIA Swansea see main Tree
    RICHARD CHARLES BUCKLE Henley son of John of OgStG and Alice nee BUCKLE (see Sonning) m Anna Maria LEWIS 1882 Sonning. ka Charles. b Swyncombe. d Croydon (75) DecQ 1933
Sept 1858
    THOMAS Lewisham
    ELIZABETH SARAH Eton [an E d Eton Mar 62] see the Wraysbury dtr of William C81 a 21.
    JOHN Highworth Liddington Th/Lucy c 22 Aug C81 Liddington ag lab
    LOUISA JESSIE BRADLEY Kingston Long Ditton Jas Alph/Susan c 8 Aug to NZ
Mar 1859
    JAMES THOMAS Henley Alfred/Ellen (who then go to Frimley, Sy) c 24 April 1859 Caversham, Ox. [surely not the b, Wallington, Ox., 81C coachman in Chelsea a 28 w wife Ann & 3 children] C81 SONNING father of Kate
Sept 1859
    GEORGINA Wheatenhurst [looks as if she ought to be Geo/Betsey...]
    MARY Henley [b Wallington, Ox, William/Jane, C81 Wargrave unm cook]
Mar 1860
    FRANCIS WALLACE Wantage m 1884
    JAMES Highworth [George/Ann, C71 Wooton Basset a 10, or see Cricklade following]
June 1860
    ALFRED WILLIAM Henley see The Rookery, Sonning in C81 1313-33-8 b Swyncombe Ox (Jno/Alice BUCKLE)
    CELIA ANN Swansea see main tree
    ELINOR MADELEINE Kingston [James Alpheus/Susannah] to New Zealand?
Sept 1860
    CLARA Greenwich (b Plumpstead? servant in Kent C81) m 1897
    JAMES Cricklade [George/Ann Wootton Bassett]
Dec 1860
    WILLIAM HENRY Lambeth [son of Henry of Kings Sutton, Northants see Clerkenwell C81]
Mar 1861
    JANE Henley (is this Jno/Alice as well?)
June 1861
    WILLIAM Highworth [Thomas/Lucy, Liddington]
Sept 1861
    ISAAC Marlborough [Isaac/Ann DOBSON c 18 July, OgStG] C81 apprentice to
    Chas Crook
    JANE Henley (see previous quarter) died Cricklade aged 8??
    JOE Wantage of Sparsholt, C81 labourer Highworth
    LEWIS Wheatenhurst Frampton? Geo/Betsey WHITTLE to Australia m Jane Cox Gippsland 1888’. d Victoria Froy 4723 1935 a 71. Son Wm Alfred 1888-1937.
Dec 1861
    SARAH JANE Wokingham gddtr of Th Wilkins of Sparsholt?
Mar 1862
    JANE ELIZA Lambeth
June 1862
    JAMES ALPHEUS Hungerford see Wallace tree (re?-marriage 1913, Elizabeth FARLEY?)
Sept 1862
    ELIZABETH Lewisham
    LOUISA VICTORIA Lambeth [dtr of Henry of Kings Sutton, b Kennington, C81 Clerkenwell ‘apprentice’ ] m Sept 1885
    ANNIE Holborn died Dec Q 62
    CHARLES HENRY HERTLEY Swansea see main table
June 1863
Sept 1863
    GEORGE ETHELBERTH Marlborough [??Greenwich, Chelsfield below?)
    ANN Thame [b Sherbourne, see servant Hampshire C81)
    GEORGE RICHARD Bromley m 1884, d 1945 (possibly the George in C81 b Greenwich, ‘boy first class’ on RN ship CURACAO .. or is he George/Louisa of Chelsfield ‘17’ in C81) m Bromley 2a 1255 SepQ 1912 Sophia M A SMITH
    JANE [H]ANNA[H] Far[n]ham [Alfred/Ellen, Frimley, Surrey c 23 August] m 1887
Dec 1863
    ELIZABETH Highworth [Thomas/Lucy, Liddington]
Mar 1864
    GEORGE HENRY Wokingham [John/Alice, Sonning, m 1887]
    REBECCA Marlborough [Isaac/Ann DOBSON c 28 April, OgStG]
    ROSA[NNA] Dartford [b Welling,servant in Kent in C81] m 1895
    GEORGE Hungerford
    THOMAS CHARLES Holborn m 1891 d JuneQ 1948 Lambeth (84) (is this Thomas the bankers clerk in C81 Surrey mother Annie?)
Sept 1864
    WILLIAM HENRY Wantage d a 66 Marlborough 1931???
Dec 1864
Mar 1865
    HANNAH MARIA Highworth [ANN MARIA, Thomas/Lucy Liddington] died aged 1
Jun 1865
    JOHN HARTLEY HOWARD Kingston [Jas Alph/Susannah] to NZ
    WILLIAM Wheatenhurst [George/Betsey]
Sept 1865
    WILLIAM Cricklade [George/Ann, Wootton Bassett]
    MARY ANN Wantage
    William WINCOMB Camberwell
Dec 1865
    DANIEL Wokingham [John/Alice, Sonning] d Mar Q1939 Winchester (73)
    ERNEST FRANK Hungerford [Frank/Sarah Ann]
Mar 1866
    HARRIET ANN Hungerford [John/Mary, Chilton Foliat]
June 1866
    SARAH JANE Marlborough [Isaac/Ann DOBSON OgStG 17 June, C81 servant to Jas Edwards Marlb?]
    STEPHEN W[illiam?] Poplar ?
    TOM Highworth [b Chiseldon, Benjamin/Ann, c 3 June 1866 C71 38 Hodson Bottom]
    WALTER JOHN Croydon [Penge, Walter/Sarah SHEPPERD, c 9 Sept] see Wallace Tree
Sept 1866
    ELIZA (?) Cookham died aged 5
Dec 1866
    ROSE ELLEN Thame [William/Jane, C81 schoolteacher Wargrave a 14]
Mar 1867
    GEORGE Dartford [see Rosa above, b Welling] ??d aged 2??
June 1867
    CHARLES Highworth [Liddington, Thomas/Lucy]
Sept 1867
    FREDERICK CHARLES Hungerford [Frank/Sarah Ann]
Dec 1867
    MARY ANN Bath
    THOMAS NASH Croydon [Norwood/Penge. Walter/Sarah SHEPPERD]
Mar 1868
    MARY ANN [WINCHCOMBE CHOULES] Highworth [Jesse/Harriet b OgStG c 22 March ] died aged 5
    JOHN Wantage ??died Wokingham aged 1??
June 1868
    WILLIAM HADEN Highworth [b Chiseldon, Benjamin/Ann, c 30 August c71 38 Hodson Bottom]
    ANN Wokingham [John/Alice. Sonning]
Sept 1868
    FANNY LOUISA Marlborough [Isaac/Ann DOBSON, c 4 Oct]
Dec 1868
    ALFRED HENRY Wokingham
    ALICE Mile End (see the asylum in Surrey ‘a 12’ in C81?)
    Charlotte Emma Jane WINCOMB at Bermondsey
June 1869
    DAVID Hungerford [John/Mary, Trowbridge/Ramsbury c 13 June] d DecQ 1947
    ELIZA SARAH Bromley [Chelsfield, Geo/Louisa]
    MATILDA JANE Faringdon [Wallace/Jane] died aged 4
Sept 1869
Dec 1869
    SARAH JANE Hungerford [Walter/Sarah SHEPPERD, b Swinbourne, Berks]
    ALICE Hungerford
Mar 1870
    CARY (girl) Wokingham [John/Alice, Sonning]
    [WILLIAM] ROBERT Highworth [Harriet/Jesse c 22 May Chiseldon]
Sept 1870
    ANNIE Highworth [Liddington, Thomas/Lucy]
    GEORGE Marlborough [mother Elizabeth, gdson Isaac/Ann DOBSON] see C81 servant in Paddington this Elizabeth? (JOHNSON)
    COUNTCELETTA ELIZA Faringdon [Wallace/Jane] Mrs GARLICK
Dec 1870
    HENRY Kensington died aged 0
Mar 1871
    CHARLES ALBERT Highworth [Walter/Sarah SHEPPERD, b Wanborough] d Northampton JunQ 1950
    EDWARD CHARLES Wheatenhurst died aged 1
    ELLEN Highworth [b Chiseldon Benjamin/Ann c 29 July 1872 c71 38 Hodson Bottom]
June 1871
    SARAH ANN Marlborough [OgStA, Thomas Sarah] d aged 0]
    ELIZABETH Hungerford
Sept 1871
    ALBERT EDWARD Highworth [mother Jane, Liddington, c 19 June]
    FREDERICK Wokingham [John/Alice, Sonning)
    ARTHUR WILLIAM Hailsham? 2b see Portsmouth for m and d
    ELEANOR Glendale? 10b
    WILLIAM HENRY Haslingden
Dec 1871
    ELIZABETH ANNIE Faringdon [Wallace/Jane]
Mar 1872
    LEONARD GEORGE Hungerford [c 29 June, Hungerford, no parents] died aged 0
    MAUD ETHEL Uxbridge [George the painter/Matilda]
    ELIZA JANE Cricklade died aged 0
June 1872
    ANNIE Eton [is this Annie Ada Geo/Louisa ‘10’ in C81, doubt it but...]
Sept 1872
    female Wantage
    EMILY Highworth [Jesse/Harriet c 4 August Chiseldon]
    JAMES Highworth [Thomas/Sarah MILLARD b Stratton]
    THOMAS CHOULES Highworth [Charles/{Mary} Jane CHOULES Chiseldon?]
June 1873
    ELIZABETH MARY Highworth died aged 1
    SUSANNAH Highworth [Chiseldon, Benjamin/Ann c 25 January 1874 Chiseldon] died unmarried aged 23
    CLARA FANNY Wokingham [unmarried, d Wokingham a 61 SepQ 1934] BUT SEE MarQ 1935
    FLORENCE GERTRUDE Uxbridge [George the painter/Matilda] to Wales m Monmouthshire
    WALLACE ALEXANDER Hungerford Frank/Harriet or Sarah Ann d Stroud a 59 MarQ 1933 is it he whom m Elizabeth JENKINSON Stroud 6a 923 in DecQ 1919
Dec 1873
    PHILIP CHARLES Faringdon [Wallace/Jane] ??mEllen WITT Stroud 6a 787 DecQ 1927
    Emma Elizabeth WINCHCUMB Wokingham [John/Alice of Sonning]
Mar 1874
    ADA EMMA Eton
    WILLIAM RICH Cricklade (see ‘a7’ in C81 Wootton Bassett w b-i-law Chas HERRETT)
Sept 1874
Dec 1874
    ARTHUR Highworth [Jesse/Harriet c 10 January 1875]
    CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH Hungerford [Francis/Harriet] m Hungerford 2c 617 JuneQ 1904
Mar 1875
    CAROLINE ANN Highworth
    GEORGE Hungerford [John/Mary, Ramsbury c 26 Jan] ?d Croydon SepQ 1928
    GEORGE PERCY Faringdon [Wallace/Jane] died age 2
June 1875
    SIDNEY WILLIAM Highworth illegitimate mother Eliza c 5 Nov 1876 died a3
    Isabella WINCOMB Ipswich (LOADS MORE WINCOMBEs in Ipswich)
Sept 1875
    LUCY EMMA Wokingham [Alfred/Ellen, C81 Culham Farm Cottage, Wargrave]
    SOPHIA Highworth [Benjamin/Anne c 29 June 1876 Liddington]
    THOMAS Highworth [possibly Thomas/ Sarah MILLARD b Stratton a 5 in C81]
Dec 1875
    HERBERT Bromley m Bromley 2a 788 MarQ 1910, d June 1943 Bromley (67) (descendant of the other H of Bromley??)
    JANE GWENLLIAN West Ham 4a 89 John (b Wales) ‘ships mate’ /Alice [b Shields] C81 ‘a5’ as ‘Minnie’ (ie Winnie] b Plaistow. 20 Fisher St, West Ham. 1711-116- 80. m Walter DACK
    ELLEN SUSANNAH Highworth [illegitimate, mother Jane Liddington c30 January 1876)
    ROBERT CHARLES Highworth [Charles/Mary Jane c25 Dc 1875 Chiseldon] m Florence E
    LAWRENCE Swindon 5a 14 MarQ 1915
Mar 1876
    ELLEN Wokingham d aged 2
    WILLIAM STEPHEN Eton m Fanny DIDCOCK Eton 3a 2227 DecQ 1920. She marries (2) Eton3a2330 Alfred W DIXON DecQ 1930 it seems
June 1876
    ELLEN Wantage [? Alfred/Ellen Wargrave, C81 Culham Farm Cottage a8!]
Sept 1876
    CATHERINE MARY Highworth
    ELIZABETH Marlborough [OgStG William/Martha]
    CHARLES Hungerford [Chilton Foliat/Chas/Jane]
Dec 1876
    WILLIAM STEPHEN St Geo Hsq ??m METCALFE Darlington 10a 31 DecQ 1931
    FIANETTA ELIZA Kensington [George the painter/Matilda] m Kensington 1a372 SeptQ 1908
    JOHN Hungerford apparently Francis/Harriet
    LUCY MARIA Faringdon da0 dtr of Wallace?
Mar 1877
    ALICE LILLY West Ham [prob John/Alice died West Ham aged 3]
    Edwin WINCHOMBE Bromley [Chelsfield Geo/Louisa c 8 April ] ??da2?? No alive in C81
June 1877
    JOHN Highworth [Jesse/Harriet c 6 Jan 1878 Chiseldon]
    FLORENCE CAROLINE Lambeth (is this the Florence b Lewisham see C81 in Hendon chez Edward DUNMALL)
    THOMAS JAMES Bromley [Arnold/Adelaide, Chelsfield c 5 May 1877]
Sept 1877
    CYRIL GEORGE NICOL Cardiff [Nicol/Miriam, died Cardiff June 82 a 4]
Dec 1877
    SARAH ANN Marlborough [James/Mary Ann b & C81 OgStG]
Mar 1878
    HERBERT ALEXANDER Faringdon [son of Wallace b Shrivenham, C81 Hungerford] m Edith MOORE Maidenhead 2e 880 JunQ 1913
June 1878
    ELLEN ELIZABETH Eton [d June 78 qtr Eton a 0] BUT m Eton 3a 1408 JunQ 1910!!
    SIDNEY CHARLES Wokingham [b Sandford Alfred/Ellen C81 Wargrave, Culham Farm Cottage]
Sept 1878
    ROSA LILIAN Hungerford [d Dec 79 qtr Hungerford a 1]
Dec 1878
    WILLIAM HERBERT Neath [see main Tree, Arthur/Sophia] m Neath 11a 1350 JunQ 1904
    JAMES Charles/Mary Jane c Chiseldon 25 December 1878 (is this Arthur James husband of Daisy d WWI 1915 a 36?)
Mar 1879
    JOHN PRIOR West Ham [prob John/Alice, d West Ham, Dec 79 a 0]
    GEORGE EDWARD C Lewisham
    EDWARD Bromley [b Chelsfield, Arnold/Adelaide c 9 Feb 1879 Chelsfield, C81 at Chelsfield] died aged 54, JunQ 1932 Bromley
June 1879
    ALFRED JOHN Kensington [George/Matilda, b Paddington] West Ham 4a 143 SeptQ 1904
Sept 1879
    ANNA (or ANNE) Hungerford [Chilton Foliat, Charles/Jane]
    HERBERT JOHN Highworth (not in Wilts in C81 as sic)
    MARTHA Islington illeg? see chez Wm Hicks inC81 in Sparsholt
Dec 1879
    EDITH LOUISE Faringdon [Wallace/Jane] m Reading @a 808 JuneQ 1904
Mar 1880
    FANNY LOUISA Marlborough [as ‘Ann Louise’ OgStG Wm/Martha]
    ROBERT HENRY Marlborough
    ALBERT EDWARD Hungerford (?NOT Francis/Harriet, but James of OgStG originally /Annie d 23 Nov 1918 aged 39 in WWI ‘of Brookside, Ashton Keynes, Wilts’ Sergeant in vet corps)
    SARAH JANE Highworth [Jesse/Harriet c 11 Jan Chiseldon]
June 1880
    KATE ROSETTA Wokingham [Jas of Palace Yard, Sonning C81] 1313-30-1
    JESTYN West Ham 4a 104. see Jane Gwenllian above. see also Alice Lily and John Prior . w John CUNNINGHAM in C81 ‘unnamed child’ b Canningtown
    John/Alice m Grace F HAWKINS Romford 4a 1069 JunQ 1924
    WINNIE (Minnie?) LOUISE Stroud
Sept 1880
    ALICE EMILY Lewisham
    GEORGE Kensington twins Isaac the grocer/Emma
    ISAAC Kensington twins Isaac the grocer/Emma d 1940
    MARY ANN Highworth [mother Jane see pauper inst Swindon & Highwth C81]
    MAURICE Marlborough [OgStG James/Mary Ann]
Dec 1880
    JOHN JAMES Wantage
    WALTER CHARLES Chelsea (m Christina May ** 1907, m JunQ 1907 Gainsboro 7a1849 d June 1938 Wycombe (57)) (see’Auntie Chris’ on Paul’s tree)
    FRANK Bromley [Arnold/Adelaide c 14 Nov Chelsfield] ?? Sevenoaks DecQ 1906??
Mar 1881
    ELLEN ELIZABETH Wokingham dtr Wm, Twyford Field, Ruscombe in C81
June 1881
    ARTHUR HARRY Hungerford [Stephen/Jane, Harmondsworth C81 bro Stephen] m Reading 2c 763 JunQ 1907; d Wokingham a 68 MarQ 1950
    GWENLLIAN Neath 11a 629 m 1902
Sept 1881
    JAMES Highworth died aged 1
    CHARLES HENRY Hungerford (Francis/Harriet) m Florence GILES Hungerford 2c 513 MarQ 1910, then dies at Pershore aged 29 JunQ 1911
    PERCY Bradfield m Jane MOORE Warwick 6d 2363 DecQ 1915
Dec 1881
    ETHEL ALICE Bradfield m Bradfield 2c789 JunQ 1911
    JESSE Highworth m Ellen GEGG Swindon 5a3 JunQ 1913
    JOHN HENRY R Wokingham m (1) Wokingham 2c945 JunQ 1911 then (2) m Amy
    COSTAR Reading 2c 994 SepQ 1922
Mar 1882
    male Cricklade
June 1882
    ALBERT JOHN Highworth
    *?ERNEST JAMES Kensington m Lily B TEED Hampstead 1a 1473 DecQ 1913 d Sept 1947 Cheltenham (65)
Sept 1882
    ALBERT JAMES Marlborough m Dec 1910 Q ???Daisy and died in the war?
Dec 1882
    LEAH Marlborough m Cricklade 5a 102 Dec Q 1907
    ELLA ROSE Wokingham m Wokingham 2c633 MarQ 1907
Mar 1883
    ALFRED Swansea 11a 738 died aged 0
    SAMUEL ROBERT Hungerford m Samuel H Newbury 2c591 SepQ 1911 Maris PEDGRIFT
June 1883
    ALICE DOROTHY C Wokingham m Wokingham 2c 942 JunQ 1911
    EDITH MAY BUCKLE Winchester daughter of Richard Chas Buckel & Anna Maria LEWIS,m Joseph BELL 30 July 1907 Lewisham (Mrs Antoinette EVANS PO Box 759 Manurewa, Auckland).
    ARTHUR ROBERT Highworth m Bath 5c 1152 DecQ 1908 Is the A JAS m Daisy V Duck and died in the war? Seems yes, for she re-weds Geo H C HOLMES JunQ 1923) all Bath, but see Albert Jas above
    FRED[ERICK] Hungerford m Hungerford 2c ?1005 SeptQ 1906 (and again Maidenhead 1925?? Grace WALE? child 1931?!)
    LILY MAUD Poplar m Norman Vane HAWKINS Romford 4a 932 JunQ 1911, dtr of Jestyn/Alice
Dec 1883
    SIDNEY FRANK Oswestry
    ETHEL ALICE Wantage died aged 0
    THOMAS WILLIAM Highworth died Windsor 2c506 DecQ 1922?
Mar 1884
    ARNOLD WILLIAM Bromley [Arnold/Adelaide c 13 April Chelsfield] m Bromley 2a 900 DecQ 1904
    ELIZABETH ELLEN Highworth m Swindon 5a 57 DecQ 1904
June 1884
    EMILY MATILDA Bradfield
    BLANCHE LAVINIA Hungerford (Francis/Harriet)
    ELLEN ELIZABETH Hungerford
Sept 1884
    FREDERICK Highworth m Swindon 5a 76 SepQ 1911
    JOHN HENRY Neath 11a 668 son of Wm Herbert m Pontypridd 11a 1060 JunQ 1911
Dec 1884
    TOM Marlborough ?died aged 1
    MARY JANE Highworth m Swindon 5a 87 SeptQ 1905
    SARAH Highworth
Mar 1885
    JAMES WILLIAM [A] Wokingham m Alice ASHBY Wokingham 2c997 DecQ 1914
    LUCY ANN Highworth m Hendon 3a 623 Sept Q 1906
    JANE Marlborough
Jun 1885
    THOMAS JAMES Wantage ??m Preston DecQ 1911
    FRANK Hungerford
    FRANK Holborn
Sept 1885
    HELEN ELIZA Winchester
    BEATRICE West Ham m Carol A COFMAN Romford 4a 1027 JunQ 1914 (1935 B W m Cyril SALWAY Bromley)
    MINNIE Sevenoaks daughter of George Richard died aged 1 SeptQ 1886
Dec 1885
    FANNY Highworth
June 1886
    *JOHN NELSON Highworth 5a 36
    ABSOLOM JAMES Kensington 1a 15?4 (d Sept 1938 Surrey Mid E (52)) CRUSE connection?
    ANNIE ETHEL Staines 3a 2 m Albert E S SMITH Eton 3a 2381 SepQ 1921 (dtr of Stephen?)
Sept 1886
    *FREDERICK ERNEST Wokingham 2c407 m WELLER Paddington 1a 138 DecQ 1922
    *FREDERICK JOHN Oswestry 6a 616? m RICHARDSON Belper MarQ 1916?
Dec 1886
    CHARLES Holborn 1b 711 died Greenwich a 36 JunQ 1923 widow Margaret
    JOHN Marlborough 5a 91 (possibly Private Middlesex Regiment 26th Feb 1917 John died aged 31, son of John and Jane Winchcombe of 1 Alma Cottages, Oxford Rd, Windsor)
    NELLIE Wheatenhurst 6a 304 died aged 4
    PAMELA Hungerford 2a 244
    Mar 1887ALICE LIZZIE Woolwich 1d 1276
    *ELIZA Kingston 2a 331
    *FLORENCE MARY Andover 2c 216 m GUYATT Andover 2c 577 SeptQ 1912
    *JAMES THOMAS Bradfield 2c 316
    CAROLINE ISABELL Sevenoaks 2a 637 m Bromley 2a 1128 Sept 1907 dtr of Geo Richd?
Jun 1887
    *ADA ROSE Highworth 5a 29 m Swindon 5a47 SeptQ 1910
    MARIAN Edmonton 3a 390?
Sept 1887
    ERNEST HENRY Marlborough 5a87 m Annie HOCQUARD Devizes 5a318 DecQ 1919
    FRANCIS GEORGE Marlborough 5a92
Mar 1888
    *CHARLEY Andover 2c 216 (???m Mere Florence M FORD 5a525 DecQ 1929???)
    WALTER GEORGE Highworth 5a 24 (Winchcombe, W G Lance Corporal Middlesex Regiment 14th Jul 1916; Walter George died aged 28, son of John and Jane Winchcombe of 1 Alma Cottages, Oxford Rd, Windsor)
June 1888
    *AGNES ETHEL Oswestry 5a 706 m Fdk M MOSS Cirencester 6s 487 MarQ 1912
    ALICE ELLEN Highworth 5a 30 m Edward J WALKER Swindon 5a3 SepQ 1914
    ELIZA JANE Highworth 5a 9
    KATH. MATILDA Kensington 1a 137
    FREDERICK ARTHUR Highworth 5a 36?
    SIDNEY WILFRID Highworth 5a 11 (Winchcombe, S W Serjeant Royal Field Artillery 3rd May 1917; Sidney Wilfred died aged 29, son of Charles and G M Winchcombe of 38 Winifred St, Swindon)
Sept 1888
    *ALICE LILIAN Wokingham 2a 308? died aged 2
    *SYLVIA MAY C Wokingham 2a .... m Bert GILDER Wokingham 2c 834 JunQ 1913
    MAURICE A? Hungerford 2a 264 m Annie E GOODLAND Shepton M 5c 1061 SpQ 1919
    ROSE ELLEN (?) Bradfield 2a 331 d Eton a0
Dec 1888 - fiche missing
Mar 1889
    *EMMA MARIA Sherbourne 5a 363 m Belper 7b 1336 SepQ 1910
    GEORGE Bromley 2a 463 m Mabel CROSS Bromley 2a 1120 DecQ 1913
    IRENE Edmonton 3a 379
    JOHN Marlborough 5a 38 is it he who m Emily E WAITE Pewsey 5a270 MarQ1913. She marries (2) Leslie F COOK Pewsey 5a 424 SepQ 1933
June 1889
    ANTHEA (?) ROSE Hungerford 2c 262
    MARIA Portsea 2b 353
Sept 1889
    CLARA VICTORIA Holborn 1b 671 m HAWES Greenwich 1d ?3067 DecQ 1913
    KATE FLORENCE Highworth 5a 18 m as Florence Kate Swindon 5a20 JunQ 1912 Frederick J MORRIS
Dec 1889
    *MAY ELIZABETH Bradfield 2c 334 m Bradfield 2c 489 MarQ 1911
    ADA JANE Bromley 2a 441 m Richard TANNER Bromley 2a 1462 SepQ 1921
    PATRICIA Marlborough 5a 97
    THOMAS OSBORNE Highworth 5a 2 m Sarah MORTON Rotherham 9c1861? DecQ 1911
Mar 1890
    *ARTHUR HENRY Andover 2c 210 m ALVIS Bristol 6a289 SepQ 1921
Jun 1890
    HERBERT CHARLES Highworth 5a 35 m Florence SMITH Yarmouth 4b4 JunQ 1916
    MARGARET MERCY Eton 3a 635 m Geo A FELLOWS Windsor 2c 1964a JunQ 1914
Sept 1890
    *ALBERT ERNEST Woolwich 1d 1329 m StGeoHSq 1a904 1906!!????
    *ARTHUR BERNARD Lambeth 1d 497
    COUNTCELETTA Hungerford 2a 248 m Fdk BORDYCUTT Willesden 3a669 SepQ 1915
    HENRY OSCAR West Ham 4a 81 died aged 5
Dec 1890
    AGNES BESSIE Highworth 5a 31 m Arthur BOYCE Hampstead 1a 1692 SepQ 1918
    LEOPOLD CHARLIE E Wokingham 2a 363
    LILIAN AMELIA Kensington 1a 75 m Fdk SHEPPARD Willesden 3a551 DecQ 1921
    WILLIAM CHARLES Highworth 5a 8 died aged 0
Mar 1891
    *JOHN FREDERICK Wincanton 5c 445 Winchcombe, J F Private Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regt.) 31st Jul
    EMILY Bromley 2a 426 died aged 5
June 1891
    EDITH M Holborn 1b 731 m Geo H NIBBS Camberwell 1d 1327 1913
    HAROLD GEORGE Highworth 5a 28?? m Caroline HUNT Swindon 5a14 MarQ 1913
Sept 1891
    CLARA Eton 3a 647
    SIDNEY HARRY Hungerford 2c 253 m Caroline BARRETT Hungerford 2c587 Jun Q 1913
Dec 1891
    *EVELINE Andover 2a 206 m Tom HINTON Mere 5a 531 SepQ 1925
    ALBERT EDWARD Highworth 5a 28
    DAISY Hungerford 2c 218 m Lymington 2b 1405 DecQ 1910
Mar 1892
    *EDITH MAUD Wokingham 2a 308 (??m GOOCH 1915??)
June 1892
    MAY Lambeth 1d 463
Sept 1892
    DOROTHY ROSE Eton 3a 647 m Walter PUTNAM Windsor 2c1122 DecQ 1923
Dec 1892
    WALTER Bromley 2a 414
Mar 1893
    *ARTHUR ROSS Portland 2a 361
    ANNIE Highworth 5a 17 ??m Hungerford DecQ 1903
    unreadable Holborn 1b 718
    MARGARET Cirencester 6a 43
June 1893
    ALBERT Hungerford 2c 261
    BLANCHE ELIZABETH Pontypridd 11a 512
    ELSIE Hungerford 2a 264 died aged 1
    ETHEL Lambeth 1d 471 m Hubert deBurgh Lambeth 1d 634 MarQ 1920
    REES HOPKIN Neath 11a 508 died aged 17
Sept 1893
    ANNIE LOUISE Bromley 2a 422
    EDWARD JAMES Highworth ?5a 20 m Hilda MANNERS Swindon 5a21 DecQ 1923
    HENRY STANLEY Hackney 1b 504
    PEARL Canterbury 2a 828 m Ronald RESTORICK Plymouth 5b 646 DecQ 1918
Dec 1893
    CHARLES Wheatenhurst 6a 247 died aged 1
    *FREDERICK JOHN Winchester 2a 107
Mar 1894
    MABEL Highworth 2a 37 (m CHILD 1916? or more likely PARKER 1912?
    WALLACE Hungerford 2a 243 m Gladys M KELLY IoW 2b 917 MarQ 1922
June 1894
Sept 1894
    *ALEXANDER M[acneil??] Salford 8d 140
    KATHLEEN Lambeth 1d 474
Dec 1894 >
Mar 1895
    BENJAMIN SETH Highworth 5a 30
    DAVID ARTHUR Neath 11a 903 (???m Croydon Doris E LANGLEY MarQ 1926?? who in 1946 m Frederick C DEEKS at Bridgend 11a 1657 DecQ)
    HENRY Pancras 1b 94 died aged 1
    THEODORA Eton 3a 716
June 1895
    *FLORENCE DAISY Winchester m (DAISY) Wm MITCHELL Winchester 2c417 SepQ 1915
    WILLIAM ERNEST Highworth 5a 31? m Lottie PLASKETT Mary’bone 1a 1223 JunQ 1924
Sept 1895
    SIDNEY KENNETH Andover 2c 219 m Emma ANSTEE Chip Sod 6a377 JunQ 1918 ?then
    Millicent I GILBERT Amesbury 5a 381 JunQ 1921 (Emma d a 25 in 1918)
    WINIFRED MARY Highworth 5a 35 m Richard INDGE Swindon 5a17 MarQ 1926
Dec 1895
Mar 1896
    IVY Bromley 2a 411 m Leonard D SMITH Bromley 2a 850 MarQ 1915
    MABEL GLADYS Richmond S 2a 395 m Geo DAVIES Lewisham 1d 1729 JunQ 1929
June 1896
    *EVELINE MAY Wincanton 5c 430
Sept 1896
    ELSIE Highworth 5a ??
    HELENA LILLIAN Eton 3a 698 ? m David DAVIES Windsor 2c883 MarQ1934
Dec 1896
    *ERNEST EDWARD Winchester m SCADDEN Portsmouth 2b 1322 SepQ 1921
    AMELIA MAUD Highworth twin with
    WILLIAM GEORGE Highworth 5a 11 ?m Ethelinda LOADER Swindon 5a77 DecQ 1925
Mar 1897
    ALFRED ERNEST Cricklade 5a 47
June 1897
    ELIZABETH ADA A Eton 3a 700
Sept 1897
    GEORGE ARTHUR Highworth m Violet DUDBRIDGE Bristol 6a 436 SepQ 1922
    PHYLLIS Wandsworth died unmaried aged 25
Dec 1897
    WALLACE HENRY Calne 5a 78 (see Paul’s tree)
Mar 1898
    OLIVE MARY Highworth 5a 35 died age 0
    THOMAS Andover 2c 231 (Llanelly m Olive Baker???)
June 1898
    CHARLES RICHARD Wincanton d aged 25 ‘Charlie’ of Bardwell, Suffolk rel. Hy Jas. WILL.
    ELIZABETH ADA Eton died aged 0
Sept 1898
    *ALICE MARIA Winchester m LAKE Winchester 2c 421 SepQ 1920
    Dec 1898 ALFRED FRANCIS Highworth
    FREDERICK ALBION Wokingham ??m Emily B EVANS Fulham 1925??
    HORACE Bromley m Ivy KNIBBS Bromley 2a 1539 SepQ 1922
    WALTER JOHN Pancras m Edith C BAGGS Pancras 1b ?98 Dec Q 1920 (d Dec 1946 Edmonton (48))
    WILLIAM GEORGE Highworth see above maybe this one is LOADER
Mar 1899 -
Jun 1899 -
Sept 1899
    EDITH Swindon 5a 22 m Wallace L DAVEY Swindon 5a40 SepQ 1919
    EDITH BLANCH Colne 5a 86 see Wallace Tree/Paul
Dec 1899
    *CYRIL CHARLES Northampton 3b 69 (d 1932, rel: Chas Albert)
    *DAISY Wantage 2a 297 m Alfred SHERWOOD Fareham 2b 1471 DecQ 1921
    CHARLES C ...... 2c 230a m Olive DAY Hungerford 2c667 JunQ 1927
    PHYLLIS MARY Eton 3a 754 m David J NEWTON Windsor 2c 1043 JunQ 1921
Mar 1900
    *ALICE ROSE Belper (m GAUNT at BASFORD Jun Q 7B 646 1919
    LILY WINIFRED Devizes (possibly Paul tree)
Jun 1900
    VICTOR Uxbridge 3a 28 seems to be born 6 March 1900 and died in America Suffolk, NY July 1989
Sept 1900
    EWART JOHN Swindon 5a 35
Dec 1900
    HERBERT Bromley 2a 434 m Violetta LARKIN Bromley 2a 1710 SepQ 1927 (see 2 earlier Herbs of Bromley!)
Mar 1901
    CLIFFORD P Pontypridd 11a 645
    FRANK Swindon 5a 27 m Florence A HOLLOWAY Pancras 1b 871 SepQ 1925)
June 1901
Sept 1901
    JAMES ARTHUR Pancras 1b 122 m Doris H HYDE Pancras 1b 212 DecQ 1920
    WILLIAM GEORGE R Eton 3a 839 m Margaret PAINTER Eton 3a2145 JunQ 1922
Dec 1901
    *HENRY S J Woolwich 1d 1289
    *MABEL ETHEL Kingston 2a 414 m BURTON Bromley 2a 1587 SepQ 1925
Mar 1902
    ERNEST FREDERICK Pewsey 5a 143 m Emily STURGEON Swaffham 4b815 SepQ 1926
    WILLIAM JOHN Fulham 1a 226 m Elsie I ADAMSON Hammersmith 1a560 JunQ 1931
June 1902
    LILLIAN EMILY Andover 2c 235 m GUNTER Mere 5a293 MarQ 1931
    OLIVE DOREEN Uxbridge 3a 30
Sept 1902
    AGNES Windsor 2e 454?? John/Eliza DAVIS m BROWN Windsor 2c 1170
SepQ 1924
    ALBERT EDGAR Swindon 5a 16 ?m Mary BEHAN Swindon 5a75 JunQ 1922
Dec 1902
    *GEORGE HENRY Hertford 3a700
    *MILDRED ANNIE Chertsey 2a 53 died aged 2
    *NEVILLE ALBERT Northampton 3b 57 m Doris REEVE Northampton 3b102 DecQ 1928
Mar 1903
    ELEANOR MAUD Cardiff 11a 411 died aged 20 unmarried Cardiff 1923
    ELLEN Lambeth 1d 292
    ROSE LOUISA Fulham 1a 255 m Chas MATTHEWS Fulham 1a752 DecQ 1928
June 1903
    ALEXANDER Swindon 5a 33
Sept 1903
    SIDNEY CHARLES Pancras 1b 83 died aged 3
Dec 1903
    CHRISTINA P or D WINCHOMBE Amesbury m Walter H WILLIS Swindon 5a34 DecQ 1931
Mar 1904
    ELSIE MARY Newbury 2c 260 m Edward MOON Hungerford 2c847 SepQ 1930
June 1904
    *EDWARD JAMES Hertford 3a 763
    CYRIL LESLIE? LOSIE? Swindon 5a 42 m Elsie M TITCOMBE Swindon 5a44 JunQ 1929
Sept 1904
    JOHN HENRY Neath 11a 995 m Annie KRIESCHER Neath 11a1746 DecQ 1931
    MILDRED ANNIE Swindon 5a 10 m Harry MAISEY Swindon 5a35 JunQ 1926
    SYDNEY Reading 2c 366 died at birth
Dec 1904
    ERNEST ?SVORONO Pancras 1b 16
    KITTY Lambeth 1d 270
Mar 1905
    ALBERT DAVID Pontypridd 11a 654 (d Mar 1938 Pontypridd (33)
    VERA EDITH Swindon 5a 17 m Archibald PINCHON Swindon 5a12 DecQ 1929
June 1905
    ARTHUR REGINALD Swindon 5a 34
Sept 1905
    *EVELYN AGNES Malmesbury 5a 61 died at birth
    ALFRED J W[illiam?] Paddington 1a 12? m Florence DRABWELL Isl’ton 1b 348 MarQ 1925
Dec 1905
    JOHN PATRICK Brentford 3a 97 ?? m Elsie M HILL Wells 5c 1113 SepQ 1945??
Mar 1906
    ANNIE B Greenwich 1d 1022
June 1906
    LILLIAN MAY Neath 11a 1004 ?m John SHIELDS Barnstaple 5b1019 SepQ 1927
Sept 1906
    CYRIL D St Geo Hsq 1a 433 m Elsie D DAY Bromley 2a1834a JunQ 1944
    DORA SARAH A Fulham 1a 277 m David SHANKLAND Eastry 2a3650 SepQ 1933
Dec 1906
    FREDERICK ALBERT Swindon 5a 18 died 5 June1930 a 23 brother to Mary HABGOOD
    LEONARD ALEXANDER Salisbury 5a 155 m Marjorie DALEY Salisbury 5a 497 SepQ 1935 (see Paul’s tree, father of John Jeremy b 1937 )
    THOMAS CECIL Pancras 1b 73 m Florence KITE Pancras 1b201 DecQ 1930
Mar 1907
    *WILLIAM JAMES Kingston 2a 471 m LEAH Stockport 8a144 SepQ1930
    KATHLEEN JESSIE Swindon 5a 16 m Henry J GURD Marlborough 5a 288 DecQ 1942
June 1907
    *FREDERICK C Malmesbury 5a 62 (perhaps m Gertrude NICHOLS Bromley 2a1637 Jun1933?)
    ANNIE WALLACE West Derby 8b 248 m Walter PARROTT Romford 4a1250 SepQ 1926
    ASHLEY JAMES D Swindon 5a 37 m Doris TICHENER Swindon 5a59 MarQ 1932
    LOTTIE BLANCHE Chelmsford 4a 703 m Arthur BURLEY Paddington 1a3 SepQ 1930
    VIOLET Paddington 1a 34 (Kev) m Ronald CHILDS Pancras 1b357 SepQ1935
Sept 1907
    GEORGE HENRY Fulham 1a 233 m Alice FOSTER Fulham 1a 732 DecQ 1929
Dec 1907
    *ISABEL JOAN Horsham 2b 283
Mar 1908
    CHARLES STEPHEN Eton 3a 978 m Henrietta BLACK Eton 3a2533 JunQ 1931
    FLORENCE ADA Dartford twin m Frank ROSE Dartford 2a 1485 DecQ 1927
    GLADYS MARGARET Dartford twin 2a 619-20 m Horace WOOLDRIDGE Dartford 2a 1985 DecQ 1936
    KATHLEEN MARY S Swindon 5a 7
June 1908
    *REGINALD W H Godstone 2a 235 d JuneQ 1946 Surrey SE (38)
    FERNAND G Marylebone 1a 571
    GLADYS BERTHA Fulham 1a 290 m Francis POWELL Fulham 1a 504 MarQ 1931
    JANE EVELYN Wantage 2c 313 m William STARK Maidenhead 2c 1221 DecQ 1936
    VIOLET ADELAIDE Sevenoaks 2a 853 m Ernest BATTY Sevenoaks 2a1598 MarQ 1932
Sept 1908
    FRANCES MAUD Newbury 2c 261 m Henry PASCAL Wokingham 2c1221 SepQ 1931
Dec 1908
    GRACE EVELYN Paddington 1a 30 (see Kev)
    HENRY WILLIAM Pancras 1b 72
Mar 1909
    ARTHUR H W Swindon 5a 18 m Lucy KING Swindon 5a90 JunQ 1934
    EDWARD FRANK Kensington 1a 125 m Violet WALDOCK Paddington 1a 4 SepQ 1933
    WALTER WILLIAM J Marlborough 5a 91 m Alice FISHER Marlborough 5a171 MarQ 1938
June 1909
Sept 1909
    *WINIFRED ELSIE Lambeth 1d 288 died unmarried aged 24
Dec 1909
    OWEN S G Swindon 5a 36 m Iris JONES Swindon 5a65 DecQ 1933
    SHEILA MARY Kingston 2a 462
Mar 1910
    FREDERICK G Paddington 1a 19 died DecQ 1910
    GLADYS ANNIE Wantage 2c 291 m William G DORE Maidenhead 2c 1423 JunQ 1946
June 1910
    SARAH ETHEL Bromley
Sept 1910
    ARCHIBALD B West Derby 8b 347
Dec 1910
    *GRACE E Pancras 1b 63 died at birth
    ARNOLD W[illiam] Fulham 1a 235
    CHRISTABELL V Bath 5c 422 m Wilfred HOLMES Woolwich 1d 3589 SepQ 1937 (child of Arthur and Daisy V Duck?)
    KATHLEEN K V Fulham 1a 250 m Wm BAKER Fulham 1a 773 DecQ 1935
    THORA Wandsworth 1d 589 m (1) Ronald A WILLIAMS Wandsworth 1d 1067 DecQ 1933 (2) Ernest E FRAY Croydon 2a2292 SepQ 1945
Mar 1911
    ARTHUR W Wandsworth 1d 643 m Lillian WHITEBREAD Padd’ 1a4 DecQ 1933
June 1911
    DAISY M Newbury 2c 251 m Geo NIGHTINGALE Hungerford 2c557 MarQ 1934
Sept 1911
    SIDNEY D Cirencester 6a 697 (Waller)
    ALBERT A Marlborough 5a 164 (Walker) m Gwendoline CHAPPELL Swindon 5a129 DecQ 1938
    ALBERT J Lambeth 1d 721 (Bowern) died at birth
    PHYLLIS IRENE Paddington 1a 74 (Harding) m Randolph WISEMAN Pancras 1b 221 JunQ 1941
Dec 1911
    CHARLES H Hungerford 2c 511 (Giles) ?son of Charles H m Hungerford 1910 (is it him m Mary CARSON Uxbridge SepQ 1934?????)
    GUY Pancras 1b 176 (Ward)
Mar 1912
    ALEXANDRA B F Windsor 2e 841 (Winchcombe) m Joseph M CORRIGAN Windsor 2c 1229 MarQ 1945
    ALFRED J Fulham 1a 536 m Kathleen CAVES Fulham 1a955 JunQ 1935
    ROBERT B Windsor 2c 836 (Winchcombe) m Kathleen O’DELL Windsor 2c1264 DecQ 1933
    WILLIAM A Pontypridd 11a 1366 (Griffiths) m Phyllis M MORGAN Neath 11a1858 JunQ 1933
June 1912
    ARTHUR J Bath 5C 863 (Duck) died MarQ 1913 ?child of Arthur and Daisy maybe
    BLODWEN M Swansea 11a 2302 (Matthews) m Stanley WEEKS Swansea 11a2071 JunQ 1934
    DORIS L Dartford 2a 1225 or 6 (Jenkins)
    MATILDA D Neath 11a 2055 (Vaughan) ??m Geo DEANE Fulham 1a1022 SepQ 1930
    REGINALD M Marylebone 1a 1031 (Winchcombe)
Sept 1912
    FRANK H Bromley 2A 1129 (Baker) (d Sept 1943 Tonbridge (30)
    NORA St Olave 1d 442 (Quelch)
    NORMAN A St Geo H Sq 1a 767 (Minchin) m Margaret M WHYTE Staines 3a 146 JunQ 1945
    WALLACE P Newbury 2c 512 (Pedgrift) m Dora I TILLSON Worksop 7b 45 MarQ 1936
Dec 1912
    ALICE H Swindon 5a 15 (Morrissey) m Edward DENCH Ware 3a 4190 SepQ 1940
Mar 1913
    JOHN E Pewsey (Waite) died at birth
    KATHLEEN M Bromley 1s 1076 (Stagg)
    LEONARD J Paddington 1a 140 (Webb) m Helen GATER Marylebone 1a914 MarQ 1935
June 1913
Sept 1913
    LOLA MAY Paddington 1a 6 (Harding) (see Kev) m Ernest PORTER Pancras 1b362 SepQ 1937
    STANLEY Reading 2c 707 (Moore) m Joyce M BOND Wokingham 2c 1333 MarQ 1941 (Herbert A/Edith Moore) (Wallace tree)
Dec 1913
    EDITH A E Marlborough 5a 133 (Walker) m Geo COPLESTONE Marlborough 5a297 [Ogbourne StG]
    ELLEN D P Pewsey 5a 239 (Farley) m Arthur LUSTED R’ding 2c985 JunQ 1934
Mar 1914
    ALICE Wantage 2c 563 (Martin) ?m Albert G BIRD Maidenhead 2c1221 DecQ 1936
    DORIS I Bath 5c 784 (Duck) child of Arthur & Daisy? maybe not. m John W
    WEBB Bath 7c29 SepQ 1950
    KATHLEEN A Swindon 5a 61 (Gegg]
    *WILLIAM H Belper (Hopkins) m WRIGHT Shardlow 7b 1455 SepQ 1937
    *male Pancras (Ward) died at birth
June 1914
    ETHEL E Fulham 1a 522 (Taylor)
    *ALBERT T Salford (Gardiner) m OGDEN Luton 3b1183 DecQ 1934
    CHRISTINA N Fulham (MacKenzie) (Christina May m Fdk STRANGE Wycombe 3a 3085 DecQ 1936)
Sept 1914
    *BERTHA A Hampstead (Teed) m RAWLINS Cheltenham 6a 1148 JunQ 1939
    GEORGE W T Lewisham 1d 2177 (Cross) `9perhaps m Edith SOUTHERDEN Hastings 2b 36 JunQ 1933)
    JAMES H Bromley 1a 1088 (Smith) m Joyce BUMSTEAD Bromley 2a 2659
SepQ 1937
    MAISIE L V Southampton 2c 13 (Hunt) m Raymond FOSTER Romford 4a 1219
DecQ 1936
    PATRICK W Swindon 5a 31 (Morrissey) died MarQ 1930 aged 15
Dec 1914
    VERA G Pewsey 5a 239 (Waite)
Mar 1915
    *ALBERT E Belper (Hopkins) m (1) Edith E HOPKINS Belper 7b 1258 (2??)
    WATSON Belper JunQ 1938
    GEORGE E Bromley 2a 1074 (Saker) m Catherine I TOWNER Maidstone 2a (or see 1918??)
June 1915
    ANNIE N Eton 3a 1812 (Didcock) m Arthur PAYNE Eton 3a2833 DecQ 1934
    FRANK Pancras 1b 158 (Ward)
    FREDERICK Bromley 2a 1037? (Stagg)
    MAURICE A Paddington 1a 67 (Harding) m Florence L KEMPSTON Hackney 1b1208 SepQ 1935 (Kev’s grandparents)
Sept 1915
Dec 1915
    DORIS N Reading 2c 629 (Louch?)
    ERIC L Reading 2c 626 (Moore) m Edith NORRIS Maidenhead 2c1233 DecQ 1937 (Herbert A/Edith Wallace tree)
Mar 1916
    DOUGLAS J P Bradfield 2c 590 (Pedgrift) see Steve, d SeptQ 1935 (Wallace tree)
    KATHLEEN Swindon 5a 55 (Morrissey) m Wm MORGAN Swindon 5a142 MarQ 1940
    VICTORIA A Croydon 2a 582 (Griffiths)
June 1916
    FREDERICK J Swindon 5a55 (Bath) m Doreen POTTER Swindon 5a61 DecQ 1940
    LAWRENCE R Swindon 5s 24 (Lawrence) m Kathleen HACKER Swindon 5a99 SepQ 1939
    VERA A Bromley 1a 1051 (Smith) m Lestreme SHURWOOD Bromley 2a 1603 DecQ 1937
Sept 1916
    *FREDERICK E Basford (Sutton)
    GEORGE S Newc on Tyne 10b 293 (Brunetti)
    NELLY Rotherham 9c 1457 (Morton) m Arthur H BOOTH Rotherham 9c 1527 JunQ 1944
    PAULINE W Marylebone 1a 836 (Winchcombe)
Dec 1916
    *MARJORIE Salford (Gardiner) m TRICKETT Luton JunQ 1938
    CATHERINE ? Bromley 2a 928 (Saker)
Mar 1917
    *WALTER J Christchurch 2b 979 (MacKenzie) died aged 4
June 1917
Sept 1917
    ERIC W W Croydon 2a 475? (Griffiths)
    IVY M Bath 5c 685 (Duck) child of Arthur & Daisy? Nope, he’s dead.
    PAULINE M Fulham 1a 371 (Boxall) ?Pauline H m Fred G J HARTILL DecQ 1939 Eastry 2a5533
    ROWLAND C Hungerford 2c 416 (Barrett) m Kathaleen BEECH Newbury 2c 1377 SepQ 1940
Dec 1917
    ALLAN V Tonbridge 2a 1151 (Farrell)
    WALLACE G Reading 2c 539 (Moore) m Eileen BUNCE Wokingham 2c1657 DecQ 1940
Mar 1918
    ARTHUR M Swindon 5a 33 (Morrissey)
June 1918
Sept 1918
    *OLIVE Middlesboro (Hugill) m MILLAR Cleveland 9d1267 SepQ 1938
    GEORGE E Windsor 2c 716 (Moore) ??m Anna D WHYTE Reading 2c1195 Jun 1946?
    JAMES L Gloucester 6a 4-9? (Teed)
    THOMAS M Swindon 5a 24 (Bath)
Dec 1918
    WINIFRED J Swindon 5a 37 (Lawrence) m Eric G LEWIS Swindon 5a95 SepQ 1940
Mar 1919
    *MILDRED B Fareham (Winchcombe)
June 1919
    ALBERT J Swindon twin with died aged 0
    FREDERICK G Swindon (Morrissey) m Constance M CATON Ealing 5c546 SepQ 1949
    PHYLLIS P Bromley 2a 707 (Smith) m Wm COLLYER Bromley 2a3541 SepQ 1939
Sept 1919
    *TERENCE [O] Salford (Gardiner) m SNASHALL Maidstone 2a 2381 JunQ 1943
Dec 1919
    JOYCE Rotherham 0c 1731 (Morton) died aged 0
    MABEL W Dartford 2a 1277 (Jenkins) m Charles W PEARCE Dartford 2a 2401 JunQ 1945
    MARY E Shepton Mallet 5c 646 (Goodland) m Ronald C BROWN Wells 5c 881 DecQ 1943
Mar 1920
    DORIS M Swindon 5a 60 (Winchcombe) m James W MORRISON Swindon 5a70 1942
    EDWARD E Maidenhead 2C 951 (Edward L E ex-Gilder) m Ruby P PURDY Fakenham 4b 899 1941
    PEGGY J A Reading 2e 869 (Ashby) m Harold WAKE Reading 2c 1360 MarQ 1940
    ROSALIE O Newbury 2e 603 (Hunt) m Ronald ETHERIDGE 1941
    WINIFRED M Yarmouth 4b 69 (Smith) m ACHESON 1943
June 1920
Sept 1920
Dec 1920
    EDNA R Hungerford 2c 496 (Barnes)
    FRANK H Hambledon 2a 313 (Barrett) m BUTLER 1942
    JOHN R M Swindon 5a 35 (Morrissey)
    VICTOR M Holborn 1b 1011 (Harding) see Kev
Mar 1921
    JESSIE I Yarmouth 4b 64 (Smith) m WALKER 1947
    PERCY J Shepton Mallett 5e 653 (Goodland)
June 1921
    JAMES L Pancras 1b 193 (Hyde) m ?ALEXANDER 1941 or HARROLD 1947
    PHYLLIS M Windsor 2c 840 (Winchcombe) m Charles T D EVANS Windsor 2c 1520 Mar Q 1941
Sept 1921
    DONALD J Sevenoaks 2a 1539 (Saker) m DADSWELL 1941
    ERNEST H Pewsey 3a 247 (Hoquard) died aged 0
    WILLIAM G Swindon 5a 28 (Lawrence) m DAY 1945
Dec 1921
Mar 1922
    INA Y Windsor 2c 800 (Moore) m LACON 1945
    LILIAN M Cardiff 11a 982 (Jones) m GRANT 1946
    SYLVIA Maidenhead 2c 736 (Gilder) m HALLETT 1942
    THOMAS J Rotherham 3c 1443 (Morton) m HAGUE 1948
    WINIFRED A Shepton Mallett 5c 624 (Goodland) m CHISMAN 1941
June 1922
    JOAN L I Mere 5a 323 (Gilbert) died aged 4
    ETHEL M Paddington 1a 132 (Webb) Paddington 1a 132
Sept 1922
    KATHLEEN M Portsmouth 2b 883 (Scaddon) m Leonard R AUSTIN Portsmouth 1b 1488 JunQ 1942
    MYRTLE M Hungerford 2c 490 (Barnes) m Arthur R G CLAY Marlborough 5a 368 DecQ 1940
    RONALD N or H Pancras 1b 129 (Baggs) m BATSON 1945
    WALLACE R Isle of Wight 2b 1048 (Kelly)
Dec 1922
    JOYCE M F Eton 3a 1440 (Painter) m OLDFIELD 1945
    MILDRED J Devizes 5a 135 (Hoquard) m COUSE 1944
    RONALD H Reading 2c 623 (Moore) m BATSON 1945 (Wallace tree)
Mar 1923
    GEORGE S Lambeth 1d 590 (Alwin) ??m MOUNT 1945
    JOHN N Swindon 5a 48 (Behan) m HUDD 1947
    ROY V Bromley 2a 977 (Stagg)
June 1923
    FREDERICK G Lambeth 1d 577 (Bowern) m DOOLAN 1945 or XX 1949?
    GLADYS M Pancras 1b 49 (Harding) died aged 0
    JOAN G Bromley 2a 962 (Knibbs) died aged 1
    MARJORIE M Croydon 2a 614 (Wright) m COLLIP 1950
Sept 1923
    BERNARD Pancras 1b 123 (Hyde) m BURROWS 1947
    JOAN Reading 2c 610?? (Coster) m Geo STANNETT Wokingham 2c1496 JunQ 1941
    SIBYL M Reading 2c 645 (Ashby)
Dec 1923
    *DANIEL T Portsmouth 2a 766 (Scaddon) died aged 12
Mar 1924
    *SHEILA L Mere 5a 307 (Gilbert) m WOODFORD 1943
    AMY Shepton Mallet 5c 593 (Goodland) m DREDGE 1945
    FREDERICK J Croydon 2a 574 (Langley) m SCARLETT 1944
    GLADYS M St Germans 5c 45 (Smith)
    LEONARD W Pancras 1b 172 (Baggs) m COE 1949
June 1924
Sept 1924
    PETER J D Swindon 5a 36 (Durham)
Dec 1924
    PHILIP L Devizes 5a 132 (Hoquard) 5a 132 m FARLEY 1947
Mar 1925
    ELEANOR D Cardiff 11a 712 (Jones)
    HILDA B Reading 2c 599 (Coster)
    REGINALD W Eton 3a 1445 (Painter)
    ROBERT W Reading 2c 604 (Moore) m BUNCE 1947 (Wallace tree)
June 1925
    FRANCIS J Swindon 5a 71 (Morrissey)
    FRANCIS W Swindon 5a 24 (Plaskett) m WEBB 1947
    KATHLEEN L Reading 2c 666 (Ashby) m JAMES 1944
Sept 1925
    CECIL Pancras 1b 120 (Hyde)
    FLORENCE R Pembroke 11a 2352 (Smith) m???THOMPSON 1949
Dec 1925
    JOYCE D H Pancras 1b 128 (Baggs) m WHITE 1946
Mar 1926
    PAMELA J Bristol 6a 22 (Dudbridge) died age 4
June 1926
    *JOAN O Portsmouth 2b 810 (Scadden) m LAMB 1944
    DOREEN E Maidenhead 2c 702 (Wale) m GRIFFITHS 1947
    IRENE M Swindon 5a 29 (Holloway)
    JEAN M Swindon 5a 12 (Loader) m SUTTON 1947
Sept 1926
    *ILEEN O M Mere 5a 297 (Gilbert)
    KENNETH W Pancras 2b 70 (Drabwell) m RICHARDSON 1947
Dec 1926
    ALAN Swindon 5a25 (Durham) Died aged 0
    DOREEN E O or G Bromley 2a 843 (Smith) m SHINGLETON-THORNE 1947
    JOAN I Swindon 5a 6 (Manners) m THORNE 1950
    SIDNEY C Pembroke 11a 2032 (Smith)
    WILLIAM D[avid] Dorking 2a 312 (Langley)
Mar 1927
    CONSTANCE M Eton 3a 1381 (Painter) m PARSLEY 1948
    ELIZABETH M Cardiff 11a 721 (Jones) m DAVIES 1948
    JOHN R Bromley 2a 892 (Knibbs)
    KENNETH J Reading 2e 575 (Ashby)
    IVOR J Andover 2c 392 (Stacey) m ALLSOP 1947
    MARJORIE Dartford 2a 1092 (Jenkins) m BANKS 1950
Sept 1927
    CHARLES R Hungerford 2c 448 (Day)
    DOREEN A M Devizes 5a 134 (Hocquard) m BLAGDEN 1946
Dec 1927
    ELIZABETH E Dorking 2a 299 (Langley) died aged 6
    THOMAS Swindon 5a 35 (Lewis)
Mar 1928
    JOAN Wells 5c 541 (Goodland)
June 1928
    DEREK H Bromley 2a 923 (Larkin)
    LIONEL A Islington 1b 376 (Drabwell)
    MARIAN Swindon 5a 51 (Loader) m CURTIS 1949
Sept 1928
Dec 1928
Mar 1929
    ALEXANDER T[HOMAS] Llanelly (Baker) 11a 1620
    CHARLES G Northampton (Reeve) 3b 118 died aged 0
    EILEEN J Pancras 1b 158 (Baggs)
Jun 1929
Sept 1929
    EDITH P D Andover 2c 422 (Stacey)
Dec 1929
    NANCY Mere 5a 237 (Gilbert)
    ALAN G Reading 2c 580 (Ashby)
    JOYCE F Pancras 1b 41 (Drabwell) m TARRAN 1950
Mar 1930
    CHARLES A Dorking 4b 361 (Sturgeon)
    ROBERT D Windsor 2c 675 (Winchcombe)
    TREVOR G Fulham 1a 339 (Winchcombe)
June 1930
    DENNIS Devizes 5a 136 (Hoquard)
    GERALD D Romford 4a 960 (Baggs)
Sept 1930
    JACK N Northampton 3b 56 (Reeve)
Dec 1930
    DAPHNE N Mere 5a 251 (Ford)
    DAVID F C Maidenhead 2c 646 (Wale)
    ENID M Llanelly 11a 1588 (Baker)
    GEORGE B Bristol 6a 34 (Dudbridge)
    LAURETTA J Bromley 2a 998 (Larkin) m HINTON 1949
June 1931
    LESLIE G Andover 2c 386 (Stacey)
Sept 1931
    MAUREEN H Greenwich 1d 1239 (West)
    MAVIS M Islington 1b 370 (Drabwell)
Dec 1931
    DOREEN S Paddington 1a 55 (Black)
    LILIAN G Eton 3a 1513 (Painter) died aged 5
    PAUL H Fulham 1a 348 (Foster)
Mar 1932
    JOAN M Swindon 5a 58 (Behan)
June 1932
    ELIZABETH M Mere 5a 282 (Ford)
Sept 1932
    *GLORIA D Portsmouth 2b 784 (Scadden)
    EILEEN E Swindon 5a 50 (Titchener)
    HENRY C Neath 11a 1253 (Kriescher)
    KATHLEEN O Fulham 1a 330 (Adamson)
Dec 1932
    ROSEMARY S Dorking 2a 281 (Langley)
Mar 1933
    *DOREEN M Stockport 8a 68 (Leah)
June 1933
    DONOVAN C Devizes 5a 130 (Hocquard) died aged 1
    RAYMOND M Reading 2c 537 (Peters)
    ROGER V Pancras 1b 118 (Kite)
Sept 1933
    *CECIL S Bromley 2a 925 (Nichols)
    DOROTHY M Bideford 5b 606 (Smith)
Dec 1933
    BERNARD Neath 11a 1147 (Morgan)
    LEONARD J Hastings 2b 46 (Southenden)
Mar 1934
    LEONARD J Swindon 5a 48 (Jones)
    MARGARET A Swindon 5a 43 (Titchener)
June 1934
    PHILIP Devizes 5a 124 (Lewis)
    RAYMOND R Windsor 2c 678 (Odell)
Sept 1934
    ROSE M Fulham 1a 346 (Adamson)
    ALAN D Reading 2c 611 (Peters)
Dec 1934
    GORDON A Bromley 2a 872 (Nichols)
Mar 1935
June 1935
    DINAH T M Mere 5a 256 (Gilbert)
    MARGARET J Bristol 6a 38 (Dudbridge)
Sept 1935
    JOHN Luton 3b 490 (Ogden)
    LEON H Swindon 5a 33 (King)
Dec 1935
    CLIVE F Swindon 5a 39 (Jones)
    GEOFFREY W A Finsbury 1b 605 (Kempston)
    JOHN E Wandsworth 1d 580 (Winchcombe)
Mar 1936
    *REGINALD J Mere 5a 235 (Ford)
    DOREEN J Fulham 1a 425 (Caves)
    FREDERICK J Bromley 2a 1021 (Nicholasd)
    GEOFFREY J Windsor 2c 671 (Odell)
June 1936
    BRIAN P Lewisham 1d 1110 (Winchcombe)
    DAVID C Eton 3a 1819 (Black)
    DAVID N Northampton 3b50 (Reeve)
    PETER G I Isle of Wight 2b 944 (Kelly)
Sept 1936
Dec 1936
    PAULINE F Pancras 1b 98 (Kite)
Mar 1937
    MARGARET M Neath 11a 932 (Kriescher)
    PATRICIA A Devizes 5a 106 (Hocquard)
    ROY M Finsbury 1b 682 (Kempston) Kev’s dad
June 1937
    BERYL Luton 3b 506 (Ogen) twin
    BLANCHE Luton 3b506 (Ogden) twin
    CYNTHIA D Windsor 2c 707 (Winchcombe)
    PATRICIA A Swindon 5a11 (King)
Sept 1937
    COLIN R Reading 2c 601 (Peters)
Dec 1937
    DAVID A Andover 2c 380 (Jones)
    JILLIAN V Hendon 3a 804 (Waldock)
    JOHN JEREMY Salisbury 5a 159 (Daley)
    THEODORA ANN Portsmouth 2b 721 (Tillson)
Mar 1938
    LORNA M Bideford 5b 555 (Smith)
June 1938
    GORDON C Eton 3a 1987 (Black)
Sept 1938
    ALAN K Devizes 5a128 (Hocquard)
    CORAL M Brentford 3a 466 (Carson)
    MARGARET R Eton 3a 1945 (Painter)
Dec 1938
    VALERIE M Ilkeston 7b705 (Watson)
    BRIAN H Reading 2c499 (Peters)
    VRYAN J Bromley 2a1064 (Holloway)
    JEAN M Hastings 2b12 (Southenden)
Mar 1939
    *JENNIFER A Portsmouth 2b 661 (Scadden)
    VALERIE Windsor 2c 692 (Odell)
June 1939
Sept 1939
    JILLIAN T Northampton 5b92 (Reeve)
Dec 1939
    GEOFFREY T Southampton 2c91 (Jones)
    STELLA M Reading 2c 1068 (Norris)
Mar 1940
June 1940
    BARBARA J Readcing 2c 1158 (Peters)
    JOHN Swindon 5a98 (Titchener)
    LINDA M Windsor 2c1414 (Winchcombe)
Sept 1940
Dec 1940
    JUDITH A Gloucester C 6a 873 (Hacker)
Mar 1941
    PETER J Marlborough 5a248 (Fister)
June 1941
    JEANNE Devizes 5a289 (Winchcombe)
Sept 1941
    BETTY S M Andover 2c580 (Stacey)
    JOSEPHINE B St Neots 3b 739 (Carson)
    SONIA J Hendon 3a739 (??) (Waldock)
Dec 1941
    ROGER Luton 3b 979 (Ogden)
    BRIAN K Marklborough 5a 206 (Beech)
    PATRICIA E Surrey NE 2a see 5145 (Butler)
Mar 1942
    COLIN J Marlborough 5a 196 (Pinner? Fister?)
    PATRICIA A ?Staincross 9c452 (Morralls??)
June 1942
    CYNTHIA O J Chelmsford 4a 1249 (Whitebread)
    RAYMOND A Reading 2c 892 (Bunce)
    STEPHEN R F Salisbury 5a 339 (Tillson)
Sept 1942
Dec 1942
    KEITH E maidstone 2a 2025 (Towner)
Mar 1943
June 1943
    DOROTHY R Surrey SE 2a 1235 (Butler)
    SUSANNE G Swindon 5a17 (Potter)
Sept 1943
    PATRICIA E Surrey NE 2a 134 (Butler) see JunQ
Dec 1943
    BRENDA E Pakenham 4b329b (Purdy)
Mar 1944
    JAMES Swindon 5a16 (Titchener)
    MAUREEN A Reading 2c652 (Norris)
    SUSAN A Reading 2c863 (Peters)
    VERA A Tonbridge 2a 2146 (Winchcombe)
June 1944
    *ALAN D Tonbridge 2a 2195 (Snashall)
    CATHERINE F Surrey SW 2a 937 (Scarlett)
    MICHAEL Wokingham 2c868 (Bond)
Sept 1944
    BRENDA J Bristol 6a503 (Beech)
    PAULINE B Swindon 5a 93 (Hacker)
    VALERINE J Eton 3a 2282 (??Hetney)
Mar 1945
June 1945
    *PAULA Luton 3b 712 (Ogden) died aged 1??
    ELAINE O Swindon 5a43 (Titchener)
    ROSEMARY L Eton 3a2145 (Winchcombe)
    VICTOR G Hammersmith 1a 209 (Kempston)
Sept 1945
    EILEEN M Surrey SE2a 1042 (Butler)
    GEORGINA A M Southampton 2c55 (Jones)
Dec 1945
    *ROSALIND J Ilkeston 7b789 (Watson)
    KEITH A Hendon 3a862 (Packham)
    PETER D Neath 11a 1063 (Kriescher)
    ROBERT Wokingham 2c713 (Bond)
Mar 1946
    GORDON L Cardiff 11a 571 (Winchcombe)
June 1946
    *ALAN G Hendon 3a1062 (Alexander)
    JANET Pakenham 4b 435 (Purdy)
Sept 1946
    SUZANNE J C A Bromley 5b 272 (Bumstead)
Dec 1946
    CAROL P Reading 6a 155 (Batson)
    JANE Surrey NW 5c 1045 (Butler)
Mar 1947
    LINDA M Brentford 5e228 (Whitebread)
    MAXINE A Surrey SW 5g 1592? (Scarlett)
June 1947
    ALAN F Swindon 7c857 (Day)
    MICHAEL J Wells 7c392 (Hill)
Sept 1947
Dec 1947
    *GILLIAN A Cheltenham 7b 486 (Alexander)
    MADELINE E Lambeth 5c 1945 (Doolan)
    ROBERT E Oxford 6b 1338 (Whyte)
Mar 1948
    DAVID J Nottingham 3c 373 (Allsop)
    JANE Tonbridge 5b 1287 (Towner)
    KATHLEEN H Islington 5c 1670 (Burrows)
    SHEILA M Reading 6a 155 (Bunce)
June 1948
    DOROTHY A W Bronwich 9b 1332 (Bostock)
    ALAN R Reading 6a 99 (Batson)
    GRAHAM J Eton 6a 600 (Black)
    LEONARD A Surrey SW 5g 1325 (Scarlett)
Sept 1948
    *TERENCE F Luton 3a 210 (Snashall)
    BRENDA M Trowbridge 7c 748 (Farley)
Dec 1948
    JOHN P Swindon 7c 647 (Wardell)
    KATHRYN G Woolwich 5d 1214 (Mount)
Mar 1949
    CAROLINE J Devizes 7c530 (Chappell)
    CONRAD R North Bucks 6a 577 (Haralambouys?)
    ROGER Basingstoke 6b 168 (Bond)
    SALLY Islington 5c 1536 (Butler)
June 1949
    DONALD M Swindon 7c 711 (Webb)
    JANE Bromley 5b 192 (Bumstead)
    LINDA A Paddington 5d 230 (Richardson)
    TIMOTHY J F Swindon 7c 747 (Potter)
Sept 1949
Dec 1949
    EDNA M Surrey SW 5g 977 (Scarlett)
    VIRGINIA M Reading 6a 182 (Peters)
Mar 1950
June 1950
    JANE A Wells 7c 295 (Hill)
Sept 1950
    MELANIE J Nottingham 3c 301 (Allsop)
    SUSAN Islington 5c 1266 (Butler)
Dec 1950
    MICHAEL J Pancras 5d 551 (Burrows)