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Family Tree - Winchcombes In The 1881 Census

Here is a list of all Winchcombes in the 1881 census.
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NameTypeApprox Year Of BirthBirth CountyCensus County
WINCHCOMBE ElizabethMoth1785BerkBuck
WINCHCOMBE CharlesPaup Inmt1801WiltWilt
WINCHCOMBE CatherineWife1814SurrBuck
WINCHCOMBE H.P.Lodg1814GlamGlam
WINCHCOMBE WilliamHead1814BerkBuck
WINCHCOMB JamesHead1815BerkBerk
WINCHCOMBE IsaacHead1815WiltWilt
WINCHCOMB GeorgeHead1818WiltWilt
WINCHCOMB DavidHead1819WiltBerk
WINCHCOMBE HogarthHead1820LondSurr
WINCHCOME AnnHead1820WiltWilt
WINCHCOMB HenryHead1821NhamLond
WINCHCOMB StephenHead1821WiltBerk
WINCHCOMBE MaryBord1821WiltBerk
WINCHCOMBE ThomasBord1821WiltBerk
WINCHCOMB SarahWife1822BerkBerk
WINCHCOMB MaryWife1825BerkBerk
WINCHCOMB WalterHead1825WiltWilt
WINCHCOMBE JohnHead1826BuckBuck
WINCHCOMBE ThomasHead1826WiltWorc