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This site contains pages about my family tree and others with the name Winchcombe in England including all birth, marriages and deaths and the 1881 census.
There's our blog for Type 1 Diabetes named Circles of Blue, plus two travel blogs for our trips to India in 2009 and 2011.

My YouTube Channel: 66TripsLeft
Follow our travels around Asia, and in our campervan around UK/Europe. At an average age of 54 we realised our parents didn't really holiday after 76 years old (average), we were only doing 3 trips max per year, that's 66 trips left. We need to up our game.
London to Paris, self-organised and self-supported cycle rides
Details all my trips from London to Paris, mostly done for charity fundraising. All were self-organised, self-supported and done for a fraction of the cost of an organised tour. Lots of routes, hints and tips for you to do this yourself.
Circles of Blue, a Type 1 Diabetes blog
This is a link to our blog about our family dealing with our youngest daughter having diabetes. There's information about travelling with Type 1, about Continuous Glucose Monitoring, about remote monitoring of CGM/glucose data via Nightscout and much more. There's articles from us the parents plus Amy who was diagnosed in 2010, aged 10.
Contains family tree information that I've collected over the years to do with my family and particularly the name 'Winchcombe'. My family tree dates back to the 1750's at least and is only one broken link away from linking up with Jack O'Newbury and tales of the Royal Court.
Information, photos and useful web sites about India.
Read our blog - Big Cats and Holy Ghats - from travels around Rajasthan in March/April 2009
Read our new blog - Monsoon Meandering - for this year's forthcoming trip to India.
Masala Dosa Diaries, an India travel blog from 2017
This blog documents our travels in 2017, backpacking over 4 weeks through Mumbai, Mahabalipuram, Kovalam, Kochi, Munnar, Periyar, Madurai, Mysore and Badami. So many trains, quaint beach accomodations, wonderful host families, beautiful tea-stations and some lesser-visited wonderful monuments.
Monsoon Meandering, an India travel blog from 2011
This blog documents our travels in 2011, backpacking over 4 weeks from Delhi to Mumbai, via Amritsar, Orchha, Ajanta/Ellora, Hyderabad, Hampi and Goa. In Orchha we lived with two local families in a homestay which was truly a humbling experience and one we'll never forget.
Big Cats and Holy Ghats, an India travel blog from 2009
This blog documents our very first family trip to India, travelling mainly through Rajasthan and with a focus on the wildlife parks of Ranthambhore and Sariska.
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A few of the other web sites that I've helped create, help with the content, or use an awful lot.
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